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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

C15. The Universal State of Freedom and Peace.

The mind now sees a possibility he has been told about since a long time ago by some wise brothers without that he believed them, because he considered them as non-pragmatic and over-optimistic persons. Namely, he has now found that eventually it is indeed possible for the whole humanity to transform to a paradisal Universal State of Freedom and Peace.

It does not matter when or through which procedures or with how much intermediate pain and grief this will happen. Doubtlessly, the mind wants this to occur as soon as possible and in the most painless way, but what foremost matters is that he now believes in this possibility for the first time in his life. And he does so for two reasons:

Firstly, because he sees that now he experiences himself, even to a small degree, the freedom and peace he has been yearning for since a long time ago. Besides, he does not forget that he has always considered himself as a quite troubled and unhappy person. So, if this so miserable person can now be happy, then everybody can.

Secondly, because he has realized that also his brothers thirst to follow the course towards establishment of freedom and peace inside them. He has also realized that they are eager to suck in every single piece of information, message or other kind of stimulus that can awaken and enable them to taste these two paramount goods. This realization would have been impossible for the mind to make formerly, when he was living totally hemmed in and trapped by his own bondages. This would have been impossible for him, even if all his brothers around him would become totally enlightened and sanctified, because back then he did not have his eyes open to see what was going on around him; he was only focused on his own problems[1].

Now he observes his temporary haste and anxiety that tends to obsess him with mania after these realizations he made. He closes his eyes and trustingly surrenders to the sound of his silence, stoically trusting the will of his Creator. His emotional tension abates, his inner space expands again, his muscles relax, and quietness and forbearance prevail in him again, being equally ready and willing to welcome the next crisis of unhappiness as much as the next attainment of bliss.

[1] Problems = what the mind projects and highlights as important issues. Hence, the very word “problems” indicates that all my problems are nothing but projections of my mind and, consequently, are not worth the grief. (In Greek the words “problem” and “project” have exactly the same root: “πρόβλημα” and “προβάλλω”.)

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