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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

C16. I do not know enough about comradeship.

Somewhere here comes the third and last unit of steps, which refers to comradeship, to its end. This one was the briefest among all three units, obviously because my mind does not have yet enough registered experiences on this issue. He had consumed his whole life in the deadlocks that eventually led him to the systematic work for the sake of reconciliation with himself and the liberation from his own bondages.

In fact, he is still at these two premature stages, that is to say reconciliation and liberation. There he spends most of his time day after day. Companionship is for him, for the moment, merely a very delightful condition which he has enjoyed a few times. He sees that his future will be there, but till now he only flirts with it and has not yet attained it[1] assimilated and incorporated it in his body cells. His work on this issue has so far been only occasional, fragmentary and superficial; he admits this.

He knows that the real companionship presupposes, both for its development as well as during its implementation, a full-time engagement, from the morning opening of the eyelids until the nightly sinking into the lap of sleep, simultaneously and parallel to all other practical activities of the day. This is the prospect; the mind will attain this blissful condition as soon as he will have repeated the steps of the two previous units as many times as needed in order to get saturated from them and become totally convinced of the determinant power of companionship, which ultimately overspreads both reconciliation and liberation.

In other words, the total feeling of fellowship towards the brothers of this world will eventually also grant the mind with the total reconciliation with himself as well as with the total liberation from his cobwebs. Then, his life will have become an ever-flowing river of love and service for all creatures, who are all children of his beloved Creator. Until then, the mind will be continuing his pre-determined course towards freedom. [2]

[1] This is a subsequent change, made for the sake of a more gentle and peaceful approach of this issue, in order that useless inner conflicts will be avoided.

[2] Subsequent note: The “Book of Dreams”, which I wrote several years later, constitutes the continuation of my course to inner freedom. This course passed through the particularly entertaining procedure of the development positive visualization for myself and for others. Another significant tool, equally entertaining, that I used in that book, was the intended cultivation of non-negotiable certainty that our comradely course will start very soon and will inextricably lead all of us to the ultimate liberation.

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