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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

C6. I respond to His exhortations and remarks smoothly.

The mind’s taking refuge in his Saint under all circumstances and his listening to Him is, of course, important, but is not enough. In the past he has many times heard sensible pieces of advice without having really listened to them nor having followed them, because he resisted to the change of a certain habit which hindered him to adopt a healthier and more beneficial attitude to the life’s proceedings. In those cases he consciously harmed himself due to his incapacity to detach himself from the known.

The mind now finds out with delight that this does not apply to the words of advice and the remarks of the Saint. He is so happy with his experience of penetrating into Him and has been so much enraptured by the genuine way in which the Saint lives with compassion, reverence and active participation, that he has not only put complete faith in Him but also thirsts after being in tune with him by means of following His words, as this equals for the mind to penetrating into Him anew and re-experiencing His unwavering bliss.

The mind’s need to savor this great delight every now and again is so strong, that none of his old habits is capable to overcome it. So, he can now relinquish them with much more ease than before for the sake of his Saint and comply with his advice eagerly; he no longer settles for merely listening to Him. Thus, he smoothly responds to his exhortations with no second word from his logic, which, by experience, he trusts much less than the word of his Saint.

The Saint’s exhortations to the mind fundamentally prompt him to nothing but follow again and again the steps of the first and the second circles of works for the erection of the State of Freedom, with the goal this time to improve his relationship with his brothers and be up to be beneficial to them, exactly like he did during the last months in order to fix his relationship with his self and do good to him.

And all this goes on always with the regular exhortations and reminders from the Saint’s side that all this altruism is but the third circle of works for the erection of the State of Freedom of the mind himself, without which the structure of liberation cannot be accomplished, because the sheltering of the hitherto achievements will be missing, that is to say it will be vulnerable like a building without a shelter to protect it from the various weather conditions[1]..

Because freedom for private use, without diffusion to other brothers, is freedom confined within boundaries; hence it is no substantial freedom and, as a consequence, has an unavoid­ably declining trend and an expiration date.

These frequent reminders from the Saint are necessary, because the insecure mind does not need much to become a peacock and consider himself as a paramount world-saving being that descended on Earth on a special mission.

[1] The “weather conditions” here are a symbol for the various events of life and the various positive or negative thoughts with the respec­tive emotions which are generated in the mind by these events. In other words, the comradeship which is going to be built during the third cycle of works is going to shelter the construction of the State of Freedom and protect it against the “weather conditions”, which will no longer be changeable, due to the fact that the mind will stabilize his thoughts and emotions, by focusing them on the sincere care for his brothers, as well as on the blissful feeling of love and mercy, the selfless service, the constant watchfulness and the immediate re­sponse wherever and whenever there is a need.

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