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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

A few words about the writer and his hitherto work.

Themos2I was born in Athens from two excellent loving and observant parents who had been gifted with many gifts and talents, but also with several emotional burdens deriving from their ancestors, which did not let them enjoy their lives to the extent they would like to.

I inherited these emotional burdens from my parents and at the age of seventeen surrendered them to my loving Master, poet, essayist and spiritual healer, who fortunately came early to my life, before these burdens took too deep root in me.

While I started to breathe again, I undertook my father’s commercial enterprise, which I developed over the years to a commercial and contracting company dedicated to innovative green technologies.

I started writing since I met my Master. In 2000 I wrote my first book in Greek “Treasures of Spiritual Apprenticeship”. However, the first book I published is “The State of Freedom”, which was published in its initial form in Greek in 2011. I finished its translation to English in 2013. The “Book of Dreams” was published in 2013 in Greek and will be soon translated to English.

I live with my family in Athens, where I work in my company. In my free time I write books which will be published in the future. My favorite activity is talking with people and helping them overcome their problems, while being helped myself at the same time, since these conversations make also me recall and re-activate some simple principles which are required for happiness.

The State of Freedom is my second book. My first book, Treasures of Spiritual Apprenticeship, has not been published yet. I left it for a later time, because it seemed to me that I played the wise guy in that book, and I did not like this. It was more the critical mind that spoke in there than the loving heart, especially in some chapters.

Yes, alright, you reader, I agree that the State of Freedom may prove to be too tiresome for you, but, despite this, I think that it will be better for you to read it first before you start my third book, the Book of Dreams.

You can certainly read that book much more effortlessly, and it will fill you up with joy and optimism, but there is something that tells me that it will be better for you if you start the journey from the beginning. Not having seen what darkness looks like, you cannot appreciate and enjoy light profoundly. At least, this is my opinion.

Yes, it is true that in these gloomy days we Greek people as well as the whole humanity are going through, being victims of a distorted globalization, we all long for light and optimistic readings and hearings that will open our hearts. I fully understand this.

However, please be patient and read first this book, in order to view the distress and desperation of the mind in their whole depth and width, understand them well and then feel the relief and rejoicing, as the chapters of the book progress.

After having finished reading the State of Freedom, the message of the Book of Dreams will subside in you naturally and effortlessly. It will be the natural next step, after the primary engraving of the pathway to liberation which will have taken place in you while reading this book which you are now holding in your hands. Namely, it will be the natural continuation of Companionship, which is the third and last unit of this book.

Yes, I think that it is really like this: the Book of Dreams is nothing but the deployment of companionship, which, as you will see, I gave up halfway in this book, because I did not know yet which further inner steps I could take in order to make it grow.

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