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Themistocles Lykiardopoulos

The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

a book, a message, a way to live

“An inner novel
with no start nor end
based on the true
story of my life.”

The “State of Freedom” constitutes a complete method for total self-healing
from the complex emotional burden we have accumulated during our life,
based upon my personal inner experiences.

Freedom takes virtue and boldness.
Andreas Kalvos,
Greek poet

I hope nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.
Nikos Kazantzakis
Greek poet, writer
and philosopher

Athens, 2013
Title of the original book: Η Πολιτεία της Λευτεριάς (I Politeia tis Lefterias)
Author: Themistocles Lykiardopoulos
Translation from Greek to English: Themistocles Lykiardopoulos
Proofreading of the English text: Julia Savage
Text editing: Themistocles Lykiardopoulos
Publication & Distribution: Mathiteia Publications
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