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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Choose your Teachers prudently.

I am a mere seeker of Truth.
Truth fascinates me, and I strongly want to conquer it.
Like millions of other seekers in the world,
I also expect from Truth to show me
the way to the liberation of my spirit
from fears, weaknesses, obsessions, prejudices,
for I want to learn to be master of my own happiness.
Therefore, everything that I set forth in these writings
stems from personal experiences I have had
during my journey towards Truth until now.
Hence, whatever I write here is not the undeniable Truth,
since I have yet to reach the end of the way,
and I don’t even know whether there is an end at all.
So, I ask my brothers and sisters who have chosen to read my
writings, to not forget this statement of mine at any moment
and not believe anything that I have written, before they first,
and foremost, consult their own inner voice.
If they want to learn the undeniable Truth,
they can read texts of enlightened Masters
who have descended unto humanity
from the ancient times to present with the
unique mission to enlighten our pestered souls
and dissipate the confusion of our spirit.
In these writings my brothers and sisters
will find only some of my agonies
some of which may, perhaps, be their own –
as well as some of the ways which my mind has found
in order to handle and transmute them
– as far as it has achieved this until now –
to understanding, forbearance, compassion and joy.

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