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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

“Nikos, thank you!”

Νίκος ΚαζαντζάκηςMoreover, I thank my brother Nikos Kazantzakis, who with his outpouring and confessing speech in his book “Ascetic” motivated me to also confess in an outpouring way, like he did, the existence of the ghosts that used to haunt my stomach and mind. Below I quote some messages from the “Ascetic”, which I consider as valuable for our tormented times. These messages have been for me, to a considerable extent, the germ and the source of inspiration to start writing this book.

  • Be fond of responsibility. Say: I, I alone have to save the Earth. If it is not saved, then it will be my fault!
  • Where are we going to? Shall we ever win? What is all this struggle for? Remain still! Warriors never ask!
  • Don’t stoop to asking: “Shall we win? Are we going to be defeated?” Fight!
  • Where are we going to? Don’t ask! Go up, go down! There is no start, there is no end. There is only the current moment, full of bitterness, full of sweetness, and I relish it all!
  • What does happiness mean? To live all banes! What does light mean? To gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness.
  • Die every single day! Be born every single day! The supreme virtue is not to be free, but to fight for freedom!
  • Now I know. I expect nothing, I fear nothing, I have been liberated from my mind and heart, I ascended further upwards; I am free. This is all what I wanted. Freedom is what I was longing for!
  • No! No! Never recognize the limits of man! Break the limits! Deny whatever your eyes can see! While you die, say: Death does not exist!
  • I maintain my heart alight, brave, restless.
  • I choose the uphill way, because that is where my heart propels me to go. She calls out to me:
    “Upwards! Upwards! Upwards!”
    And I follow her trustingly.
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