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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β11.  What is the worst that can happen, if…?

So, the redetermination of his values proved to be a panacea for the mind. He did not expect that such a simple movement, among all movements which altogether compose the construction of the State of Freedom, could ever have a redeeming impact on so many and varied significant matters, which he had been trailing with him unsolved for several decades, in the form of an olden hazy slime of years leeching his body. Now he feels the need to better consolidate his new achievement, in order to impress it inside himself and incorporate it for good with no further relapses. For this purpose, he thinks now, it will be necessary for him to apply it on specific theoretical situations mentally, so that, in case that these situations ever happen in real life, he will be ready to recall it and apply it again.

Thus, he addresses all his individual anxieties and sets them the key question “what is the worst that can happen if…?” and the answers he receives reveal the real dimensions of each problem. Then, he understands that it is useless to grieve, because, whichever may really happen of the things he is scared of, I will still be able to breathe, see the sunlight and the nature, experience the miracle of life in my very body, exchange smiles, concern and care and to experience comradeship with my brothers.

Hence, the possibility for me to be happy will not decrease at all, even in extreme situations of difficulty or failure, such as if go bankrupt or go to jail or become disabled; nor will there be any real reason for my mind to think that my life has been destroyed or that I am a screw-up, because he now knows that my value is a priori granted and non-countable by the limited features of the common human mind.

I am not a Greek; I am not an alien.
I am not a Christian, nor am I a heathen.
I am not white; I am not black.
I am not a man or woman.
I am not rich or poor.
I am not renowned or unknown.
I am not educated or illiterate.
I am not good, nor am I bad.
I am not compassionate, nor am I indifferent
I am not willing or unwilling.
I am not clever, nor am I stupid.
I am not diligent, nor am I a lounger.
I am not skillful or unworthy.
I am not handsome, nor am I ugly.
I am not fast, nor am I slow.
I am not capable or incapable.
I am not sexy or loveless.
I am not warm, nor am I steely.
I am not beloved or hateful.
I am not successful, nor am I unsuccessful.
I am not my ideas and opinions.
I am not a human; I am not an animal.
I am not animate or inanimate.
I am not body; I am not spirit.

I am none of those I thought to be.
I merely exist.
I am existent.

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