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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β23.  The mind shakes off the ballast.

Each small stress, every single annoyance, offense of the ego or anger, every search of refuge into eating, gossiping and other insignificant and needless habits are now experienced by the mind as a burden, a ballast, like a membrane or a gooey crust, which mucks and blurs him, burdens and oppresses him and permeates him with a viscous bad smelling glue and emasculating toxins, affecting the mind himself as well as my whole body.

While keeping the spinal cord upright, I allow the light to constantly flow through it upwards and downwards. I grow taller; the mind breaks the crust and lets it fall on the ground. He comes off the detritus of the crust, which collapses to a scattered drift lying around my legs. Additionally, the mind raises his left hand and mentally picks my body with the thumb and index finger and flicks it, so as to shake off the pieces of the crust which have still remained stuck on me. Thus, the crust is totally removed and the whole body breathes and rejoices again.

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