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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β25.  “That doesn’t concern me”.

Having shaken off all non-essential ballasts from his body, the mind now feels that these “do not concern him”. As simple as that. He consciously adopts this attitude for a while and inwardly answers to every needless anxiety of his own or of his brothers: “That does not concern me”.

Whenever he does so, he feels that he moves “above” things, like living within the world yet remaining untouched from everything that occurs in it. All chats, sounds and images merge with each other, as they now have a common back-ground, a soft sound which is similar to the gentle cool breeze, and so their values equate.

The mind can then respond and participate more readily and without any resistance. He answers to the questions only when he considers it appropriate. He asks to learn only the essentials; he relinquishes all trivial knowledge and informa-tion. He quits discussing about this and that. He no longer tolerates to kill his time, because he now knows that his time is but his very life. He likes inner plainness, because he always remembers that “quality is over quantity” and adheres every single moment to the “wellbeing”, which is only related to inner peace and apart from this to nothing else.

The mind approves or rejects activities by the only criterion whether they promote or undermine his wellbeing. He activates this filtration on a permanent basis and accepts to constantly occupy himself with it, for he has now realized how important his role is in my life and has adopted the attitude that he is my one and only devoted and compassionate servant in my struggle for the achievement of the yearned inner freedom and, by extension, the entrenched bliss which can only be granted by inner freedom.

He compares this new healthy attitude with the old situation, when he still wanted to hear, see and read everything and indiscriminately without protesting tasted all kinds of pleasures and delights served by others. Now he is glad for the discrimination and the self-restraint produced by the new attitude of “that does not concern me”. For he had accepted to swallow and digest too big quantities of junk throughout the years, and that is why his spirit had been influenced and had become obese and listless and therefore incapable to help me liberate myself from the trivial human sufferings.

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