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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β26. “I don’t lean upon anything”.

“I do not invest into anything; I abstain from everything; noth­ing can touch me; I refuse to participate in anything non-essential”. This new attitude of “non-violence, non-collabora­tion” which the mind just adopted reminds him the passive resistance by which Gandhi headed the Indian nation to the liberation from the English yoke. Similarly, the mind now, regardless how much he is beaten up by his old habits, he remains firm in not obeying them, yet he does not raise his hand to beat them, blame them or swear at them. He simply refrains from them, does not collaborate with them and lets them pass through his brain cells like a hurricane which scoops up everything in its path but soon goes and life find its normal pace again.

This is an attitude of self-esteem but also self-renunciation of the mind, since he now accepts to sacrifice his ego and his habits for the sake of my mental health. As a result, this is also an attitude of devotion of the mind to me. Moreover, this is not a mere mental attitude. It is also an attitude of emotional independence of the mind, who declares that he is fed up with tilting his head and leaning it on the oblivion offered to him by every worldly joy, food, drink, hug, gossip, overworking and whatever else fills his belly up with trash. He has now been totally awakened; he cannot forget himself even for a moment, for he feels his stomach heavy in a blink of an eye, as soon as he even thinks to lay the load of his existence upon anything.

The idea he had all these years that it is essential and feasible to lean upon somewhere outside from his own existence is but a fallacy, a fantasy, a delusion. Since he is whole and complete by himself and experiences the joy of life, the air he breathes, the beats of his heart, the entirely true flow of life through his trillions of cells, for what reason should he lean upon here and there? Lean upon where? Upon inexistent anchors? Protect himself from what? From fictitious dangers? Forget what? The happiness of life which he had mistook for unhappiness? He had not become conscious of the energy overflow which was then transpiring, occurs now and will be eternally taking place within himself; this is why he had fallen into that fallacy.

On the contrary, now he has understood, and he deeply rejoices about this, because here we are talking about eternal rejoicing, that is to say from today until forever, a truth of limitless freedom, which is unconceivable for the hitherto maudlin standards of the mind.

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