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The State of Freedom
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with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β29.  The mind acknowledges the will of the Creator.

This conception of the perpetual erotic intercourse of the macrocosm with the microcosm, which has been transpiring in all the ages, arouses to the mind the faith in the existence of a Creator, whose will are all worldly goods, as well as pain and joy.

Thus, the mind recognizes that whatever he has come through in the past, comes now through or will come through in the future, was, is and will be His will. He does not get angry with his Creator for the pain He has willed the mind to pass through, because he thinks that He certainly had a proper yet unknown reason to have such a will, such a wise Creator who has fabricated such a perfect universe in which everything flows eternally in a complete erotic harmony. [1]

[1] Subsequent note: Five years later my perception of the Creator has been significantly modified: The limits between Creator and creation have vanished. I have believed that I myself am eternal, timeless, unborn, immortal, self-existent and uncreated. The same I believe for every brother. Our Existence was, is and will be imperishable and unalterable within time. The very time is but an idea of the mind. The Existence is beyond time; Truth is the non-time. The Greek word for “forgive” is “συγχωρώ”, which means “I have enough inner space to hold inside me everything” that existed, exists and will exist in the past, in the present and in the future. I am the offspring, yet I am concurrently the Father and the Mother, like everybody and everything in the universe. “We are the Creators of ourselves”, we could say if we were not uncreated, self-existent and unborn. We are the One, the Unit, the One and Only unbreakable Existence, the Whole. Every other idea is a mere delusion of the mind, to which I pay no attention, since I do not believe it. Besides, my very structure is the void; my matter is definitely an illusion. The only Truth is that I Am. My emotional need to have a Father has been abolished. I am the only person in charge for myself as well as for the entire world. This is a responsibility which does not weigh me down. On the contrary, it renders me a feeling of completeness, richness and abundance, while I live in my own imperishable and perpetual world.

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