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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β30.  The mind humbly trusts His will.

The mind now confesses that the truth is that he gets more than angry with his Creator, but he soon remembers that he is not competent of judging Him, because he admits that He certainly knows infinitely more parameters of his Creation than the mind does. He knows the cause of the existence of the beings and their ultimate destination, if, of course, there are cause and destination at all. He also certainly knows the necessity of the existence of pain.

The mind concedes his smallness compared to the infinity of the Creator’s Mind and totally relinquishes any attempt to judge His will and qualify his choices as apt or as inappro-priate. He confesses his utter incompetence to understand the motives and the intentions of his Creator, he reconciles with this weakness of his, stops demanding stubbornly to under-stand, and so he quiets down.

Now he is relishing his humiliation, which constitutes liberation for him, because it absolves him from the irrational responsibi-lity which he had shouldered throughout the years to change himself and the world. He humbly trusts his Creator’s will without sieving it by his logic. “It cannot be otherwise”, he ponders, “since He has created a universe where all its creations have the opportunity to constantly relish the joy of erotic intercourse with each other, His motive must certainly be always Love. Hence, every will of His must have Love as motive, even when His will causes me pain. Consequently, it matters not if I suffer pain at times, since my pain is also part of the will of His Love for me. The how and the why I do not know, but they do not concern me, because I trust him absolutely”.

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