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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β31.  The mind surrenders to His hands unconditionally.

By this statement, the mind, having confessed his incompe-tence to govern the vessel of my life alone, has now ultimately surrendered to his Creator’s hands unconditionally. He has admitted the limitations of his very nature and persists no longer stubbornly in keeping everything under his control, since he has realized that this is futile and beyond his nature.

He has trusted the will of his Creator, who fabricated his apprehension so as to be limited and with specified boundaries. He appreciates that a very good reason must have been there behind that choice of His, and he has, therefore, made friends with the fact that he is incapable to totally control whatever he would like to control: his brothers, the unknown future, his physical health and so many other things.

Besides, he has noticed how easily he gets tired whenever he vainly struggles to control everything by applying complicated recurrent control procedures, both in the vocational realm and in his personal life.

Free, at last, from his obsession to control everything, he tilts his head into the conceivable lap of his Creator and allows Him what had anyway already applied before he gave Him his permission: to guide and head him to where He reckons. The twists of life can from now on be acceptable with pleasure by the mind, because the mind has now surrendered to his Creator unconditionally. He accepts them, even when they lead him – temporarily, hence seemingly – towards the oppo-site direction from the one to which he struggles to proceed. In other words, he lets His Love guide him[1]

[1] In Greek, “αγάπη” means “love” and “άγω” means “to guide”. These two words seem to have the same root. This could possibly mean that the main attribute of love is its competence to guide ourselves and others to a fruitful path.

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