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Β35.  “The problem with the mouth is deification”.

In the next morning…

“The problem with the mouth is deification”.

I heard this phrase emerging from the center of my brain, a few seconds after having asked the Divine Mother this ques­tion: “What shall I do, Divine Mother, with so much devasta­tion? How shall I get definitely and permanently liberated from my agony to have my value recognized by your gorgeous enchanting worldly daughters and be adored by them?”

No sooner had I woken up than the yesterday evening consid­erations came to visit me again. I was in a good mood, because I had put trust in Her Love and had started to see light at the end of the tunnel. That’s why I wanted to receive Her guidance, to have Her tell me in which exact way I am supposed to reach the end and get liberated.

When I woke up, I remained still, lying on my bed. I did not want to immediately undertake external activities like I do other days, because I felt the imperative need to receive answers; I do not bear anymore to run around in the world, sunk in agony due to ignorance.

After a brief wait, I took the heard phrase deeper in me and understood it. It did not suggest me a way to change. It merely described how things are. Then, I realized once again that the immediate change is not what should be called upon, nor my immediate relief from the mind’s boundaries. What is important for the moment is only the awareness of Truth. This is what the Divine Mother offered me, because only this can become the path to Freedom.

The problem with the mouth is deification”, the inner voice said to me, and I came to the conclusion that this connoted that the mind has learned throughout the years to instantly deify whatever delightful he intends to put into his mouth, because he anticipates to satisfy with it his hunger, the ongoing void he feels in the stomach, as well as to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of the deprivation of abundance, which dries his throat.[1]

The mind is constantly anxious to delight his throat and fill his stomach, as I realized. On the one hand he wants to fill up his emotional void of deficiency which incites his stomach, and on the other hand he wishes for enjoying the excitement of the sensory delight in his throat, so as to forget the void caused in him by the unfulfilled yearning for the confirmation of his value and by the insatiable thirst for approval and admiration from the magnificent enchanting worldly women.

For a while the mind surrendered to images and remem­brances which are related to the truth he had just discovered, in order to understand better how this truth can be applied in his everyday life. Namely, he felt again his thirst for redemp­tion and experienced anew the triggering of this thirst in the face of a tasty meal. He also remembers how he used to suck alcohol with thirst for joy, when he was still drinking alcohol, because he had not yet realized how much this makes him sick.

But, above all, he recalls his thirst for the soft lips of the worldly enchanting woman, which he wants to squeeze out so as to sip from them the fragrance of life and the divine nectar, feel the waves of love permeating his body, and drink, drink, drink, drown the tongue and the palate with unreduced thirst, wet the dry throat, thrill the breastbone and fill the stomach with the juices of life, as if only the woman had such juices; as if he himself had never received from his creator, the Divine Mother, the gift of capability to love. The mind now sees how he has deified the worldly woman and how much he antici-pates from her adoration to enable him to drink the nectar of life, forgetting that she is but an infinitesimal effigy of the Divine Mother, certainly extremely enchanting and delightful for his masculine nature, yet immersed in ignorance and agony like himself.

[1] The cause of this misguided deification of the objects of oral delight is most probably located in the fact that my mind has been trained to think in this way from when he was still a newly born infant, when his total existence depended absolutely on the entry of the maternal nipple into his mouth. It is normal that the mind made a misplaced generalization at that time by deifying whatever enters his mouth and anticipating relief from it. In the same way may also be explained the addiction of billions of brothers in the self-destructing habit of smoking. The same explanation is probably applicable also for the habit of unrestrained bulimia and the obesity.

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