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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β36.  The daring naked climber.

The mind consequently noticed his immediately next, automatic, predictable and almost established thought: “And now that I have seen all this, what do I need to do in order to change and become free and happy?”

Fortunately, this time he immediately noticed the trap of inner war into which he nearly fell. Relieved for having seen the problem at its very beginning, he quit his warlike demand to change. In its place he planted the pacific conciliation with his slavery and waited with forbearance to see the next image which was intended to broaden his knowledge.

He was open to any image that would appear to him, even if it were seemingly irrelevant to the issue of his relationship to the worldly enchanting woman. He surrendered to the will of the Divine Mother with complete trust and was convinced that, whichever image she would send him, it would be the proper piece of knowledge for him.

He soon found himself mentally at Chania, a village of Pelion mountain in central Greece. There he was informed by the native people that his old acquaintances, friends of his de­ceased father, had all passed away[1]. At the end of a steep slope he saw the familiar hostel. At the end of the yard there was a fountain from which ice crystal water has been cease­lessly flowing for one century.

Behind the fountain you could formerly see only steep slopes verdant by the captivating flora of Pelion. But now, somebody had built a wall that hid the view and did not even let the sunlight come through and light the yard. This wall saddened him much and he wondered which idiot built it thus hiding the panoramic view and the light. Immediately then the wall disappeared and the place became the same as before.

He came closer to the end of the yard. The steep slope stretched below his feet. The green gorge was to be seen from afar, frightening and withal attractive. He felt again the familiar anguishing desire to conquer the mountains, wishing he could reach them all with a few strides and enter into the steep woods and lose himself there, like Tarzan and Mogli used to do, defying the limitations of his body.

“Jump!” an inner voice told him. He was afraid that he would vanish, but he jumped, putting trust to the Divine Mother. “She knows, let me not doubt”, he pondered. By a leap he found himself at the deepest point of the gorge.

His inner Observer had remained in the yard in front of the hostel, in order to maintain the panoramic view he had from the beginning. He could see his self from afar, at the deepest point of the opposite slope, while he started clambering.

“Undress!” the Divine Mother said to him, and he immediately took off and threw aside all his clothes obediently. As a totally naked rock climber, he now started grasping small jags and ascending rapidly and confidently the sheer rock. His muscles did not get tired, because the mind believed completely in what he was doing; he believed in himself. Tractions from difficult postures which seem to him impossible in everyday life had now become a piece of cake for him.

The mind had fixed his attention exclusively to the right hemisphere of the brain, and so he was not susceptible to logic; the body was motivated only by the ultralogical imagination of the mind. After some time he felt the urge to look down and he did so, and he was very scared, because the logic sowed doubts into the mind. Then he noticed that he had forgotten himself and had momentarily focused on the left hemisphere of the brain, being carried away by the momentary activation of logic, which whispered him that what he was doing was insane.

By that time he had reached half way point and was standing with his nude bottoms sitting on a slippery sloping rock with an available surface of only a few centimeters. His feet were hanging in the air, and there was no grip for the hands to hold from. Above his head there was a rock which poked out with a reverse inclination. It was impossible for him to turn back. On the other hand, if he stood there, he would not hold for long; he would slide and crash down for sure. Then, at that critical time point, he became aware of the delusion to which his logic had led him out of insecurity by prompting him to mistaken thoughts which presented the feasible as unfeasible.

Then, he immediately regained his trust in the Divine Mother and focused again upon the right hemisphere of the brain. Without thinking[2] and devoid of needless doubts, he activated his inherent feline nature, curved his trunk for a while and immediately flang himself trustingly making use of the power of his bottoms and his spinal cord and grasped a small protuberance of the rock which poked out above his head.

He momentarily found himself hanging from the one hand, totally naked, dangling over the void. He basked awhile in the absolute freedom from the boundaries of the physical body, while the sun warmed and the wind fondled his free vivacious and lightweight nude body. With a quick and easy traction he brought his other hand to another protuberance and his right leg to the next one.

He continued his upwards route with the same corporal flexibility and mental wits provided to him by his adhesion to creative fantasy, which was product of his limitless trust in the Love and Wisdom of his creatress, the Divine Mother.

Little before he reached the plateau of the peak, he hung from a root which had burst out from the rocks, thus denoting the hunger of a tree to be fed not only from the Mother Earth but also from the light of the sun and from the air with nutritious ethereal cosmic substance, gift of his Divine Mother, conveyed from the ends of the universe especially for the tree’s sake.

[1] My father and his friends are clear symbols of the old way of thinking and acting of the mind, which was due to the perpetuated ignorance and now has also passed away like them.

[2] “Without thinking” means with perfect absence of any thought or doubt, to wit with absolute freedom from the boundaries of logic. It has nothing to do with “thoughtlessly”, which means with careless-ness, that is to say with hasty, superficial, stressful and careless actions, which, contrarily to the devoid-of-thoughts manner of exist­ing, are generated in the mind due to the insecurity and doubts caused by logic.

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