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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β37.  Return back to the roots.

The root that helped him reach the plateau of the peak was for the mind a harbinger for what was about to follow. As soon as he reached the peak, he tightly embraced with his naked body the trunk of the tree to which the root belonged. He felt its discreet, glassy, free-flowing and noiseless energy permeating him. It was the finest form of the ethereal Divine Mother’s Love he had ever experienced.

He came to adore the tree for the energy benefit it had just offered him. He respectfully got down on his knees in front of the roots which had surfaced from the Earth. He admired the tree for its stillness and forbearance, as it has been there since a very long time ago, undeterred and unflinching, free from worldly expectations, fears and anxieties, and lavishly providing for quite some centuries with cool shadow, oxygen, relaxing leaves’ rustle sound, juices, fruits, dry leaves to fertilize the soil and countless more goods and abundant joy and redemption the world and the nature, thus returning above and beyond the nourishment and the light of the sun which grant the tree with life.

The Observer of the mind had in-between immersed into this spectacle to such an extent that, without noticing it, he had spontaneously flown over the gorge and stood now himself near there, on the same plateau, so as to see from close. He remained there silently hovering over the ground a little above the Earth’s surface and was very absorbed in watching the latest substantial developments of his life, as they transpired before his eyes.

He saw my nude self prostrating and embracing the lowest part of two thick and robust roots with both hands. Then, he saw him bringing his two legs in a position parallel to the roots, turned upwards, to the direction of the tree’s trunk, in full contact with the two roots along their whole length. He remained there still for quite some time, until his body was finally assimilated by the roots. The torso of his body, the arms, the head and the legs were lost inside the roots, they were unified with them. His limbs continued to exist, but they were now incorporated in the roots; they existed only as essence, no more as independent physical bodies.

Then, he experienced the miracle of life within his body. He sensed the juices of Mother Earth, as they were ascending in order to feed the tree. He felt them entering his body from the now wooden mouth as well as from the fingers of his hands, permeating him from top to bottom and leaving his body from his toes, in order to continue their way to the remaining length of the roots, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flowers and the fruits of the tree.

The incessant flow of divine juices of love with concrete and perceptible material substance rendered my body a constant elation and rejoicing, superior to the delight of thousands of orgasms, spread in his whole body, from the peak of his head to the tips of his toes, and besides without the anxiety[1] due to the fear that this delight will eventually end. “As long as there is life in the tree, I will be experiencing the same ecstatic joy in my body, with no interval even for a moment”, thought the redeemed mind with a feeling of thrill and gratitude towards Mother Earth.

The Observer of the mind then noticed that the juices of the Earth were offering his mouth tastes which were unprecedentedly mellow and rendered his throat a feeling of abundance, which was for him a guarantee that from then on he would refrain from jealousy and envy which was up to then caused in him due to the conquest and enjoyment of the enchanting worldly women by other male brothers who were more artful and had a stronger power of will, self-confidence and boldness than he did.

Moreover, he found out that the juices of Mother Earth, as they arrived in the stomach, filled the primeval void he had inherited from his unfortunate male ancestors. His stomach at last calmed down and was relieved from the distress which prompted him always to be in motion, anxiously looking within the world for facile substitutes of bliss, which the magnificent enchanting daughters of the Divine Mother did not want and did not know how to render him; and even if they had wanted, they would never have been able to.

As the juices permeated his genitals, they sweetened them so much and with such a long duration, that the mind suddenly found himself having forgotten his likewise primeval fantasies and his pain for his unfulfilled (due to physical limitations of the material body) expectation for consecutive simultaneous bodily orgasms together with the enchanting worldly woman.

Formerly, he used to thirstily long for her body’s warmth, as if the wanted to drink her warm blood drop by drop, in order to warm his innards up. Now he drinks the juices of Earth with insatiable thirst, no more as a vampire, since he does not usurp them. Instead, he allows them to permeate him with the inner attitude of a humble duct, who joyfully participates to the natural function of the tree’s nourishment, which, in turn, offers so many goods and so much relief to the world and the nature.

From a “bloodthirsty” vampire the mind has now become a “nectarthirsty” duct of the life stream. While being a humble participant in this miracle, he conveys the earthly nectar of knowledge and abundance through his own body to the Tree of Knowledge and Abundance, of which he has become a humble part. The Mother Earth has now become for the mind the most perfect manifestation of the Divine Mother within the field of matter, and so the mind rejoices for the approval he finally receives from the paramount female beauty, as the Divine Mother, the perfect woman, is now honoring him by entrusting him the conveyance of her juices to the Tree of Knowledge and Abundance which ceaselessly serves the world and the nature.

The mind, having humbly assimilated with the roots, has now become one with the wood; in fact, he is damp and living wood, through which flows the Love of Mother Earth. Now comes to him as revelation the idea that “wood” (in Greek “ξύλο”) means “from earth” (in Greek “εξ ύλης”, that is to say “the one which is made from earth”, because the earth is the one which provides the seed with its juices, for the seed to sprout and become a tree.

Hence, the tree with its roots is inorganic[2] soil which has been transformed to living wood thanks to the miracle of life. The mind now rejoices even more, as it was thus reconfirmed to him through the very wisdom of the Greek language that he became one not only with the tree but also with his Mother, Earth, who created him from her own matter, like she did for all creatures of the world, and since then she has been eternally feeding him.

And the Mother Earth is none but the covetable Divine Mother, whom the mind has been imploring in a wrong way throughout the years to unify with him, vainly begging her enchanting daughters to take him inside them, cherish him, admire and idolize him, fall in love with him, make him feel that he is worthy, because, as he used to say, he did not want a life without this confirmation of his worthiness from the worldly enchanting woman, as the very life became thus for him a burden in his chest.

This burden has now been dispersed, for the juices of Mother Earth permeate his wooden alive chest, lighten it and delight the heart, which, as before, continues to beat, but now its pulses pump and forward the steadily fresh juices of the Earth to the trunk of the tree; they no longer recalculate the same blood within the body. Because the body has lost its physical substance and its individuality; it has become a root, a humble part of the sacred Tree of Knowledge and Abundance, without ego, without the need to prove its worthiness, with no need to live separated from the whole.

My erstwhile flabby tailbone, which used to put trust in the false promises of the world for safety, has also got liberated from the superfluous fat of the sorrowful idleness and the passive reception of images and hearings which he used to receive and adopt with no discrimination, for the sake of the mind’s anxiety for worldly assurances. Inside the roots he now feels sure and safe. As a duct of the divine life there is nothing for him to be afraid of, since in there, inside the roots, only the barely perceivable sound of flow of the Mother Earth’s juices can be heard and nothing else apart from this sound.

This mild linear sound, which sounds like the gentle breeze, on the one hand calms the insecure tailbone and on the other hand does not let him be afraid to get bored, since it not only offers an interesting listening to it but at the same time also requires the active participation of the tailbone, which consciously takes part in the opening of its own self, so that the juices’ flow goes on unhindered towards the legs-roots and from there to the trunk of the tree.

The remedial juices enter the body from the head’s peak and bring into alignment all centers of the body in which anxiety formerly used to accumulate. The flow is linear and relentless; it will be going on as long life will exist. The mind, having got rid of his many years’ confusion, has now gained discrimination and is able to see this truth clearly. He had never devised such an effective and unmitigated self-healing method like this one heretofore. His visualization of this morning, which was for him an unprecedented and unanticipated present from his beloved Divine Mother, can become his guide, a stable reference point and reliable resetting tool back to he redeeming inner attitude of self-sufficiency, available every time that the delusion of deficiency will prompt him to misguidedly beg for some love and admiration from the enchanting but fundamentally indigent worldly women.

[1] (the familiar anxiety and the ultimate disappointment which is often felt by lovers due to the short time duration of their corporal orgasm, when they focus exclusively to the mere bodily pleasure and do not allow its waves to inundate their body, heart and mind, disperse their ego and fill them up with adoration and admiration for their mate, for the other sex and for the whole nature and its Creator)

[2] seemingly inorganic, since the newest researches and approaches of the definition of life from science indicate that it is very probable that there is life in every form of matter and not only wherever the cycle of coal exists, as it had been believed until recently (see the book “The Message from Water” written by Dr. Masaru Emoto)

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