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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β39.  Freedom steers me back to Truth.

Now that my mind has met Freedom, he asked her what to do consequently, since she was his very destination. Then, Freedom pointed him back to her other facet, Truth, telling him that up to now he had only gotten acquainted with a small segment of Truth, that is to say the one which concerns his little self. The acquaintance with this small segment of Truth was necessary for the mind in order to proceed to the path which was supposed to lead him to Freedom. Now, having learned ways and methods how to steadily remain free from his cobwebs, he is up to proceed to the quest of the rest part of Truth, which is infinitely larger than her part he has already met.

The very first step of this new journey will normally be to get to know the Truth that exists within all his brothers. As a result, the mind had falsely believed that Truth is merely the necessary stepping stone for him to attain her other facet, Freedom; because, in fact, only after the attainment of Freedom was the acquaintance with Truth feasible in all her breadth. Before that point, the focusing upon the quest of Freedom did not allow the mind to have a sufficiently wide field of view to be able to see more segments of Truth, which were still of no interest for him, since, as expected, his personal problems made him totally egocentric.

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