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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β7. The mind gets to trust his innate knowledge.

His weak facets (fixed ideas, fear, envy, fury, self-criticism, disappointment and others) have oppressed him for many years so intensely that it is difficult for him to visualize himself without them. He tends to consider them as an irremovable part of his nature. From one aspect this is true. All of them are part of the human nature; this is an established fact, since he observes them in nearly all his brothers.

Yet, equally correct, though seemingly contradictory, is the other opinion of the mind, which claims that his weak facets have to be impermanent and transient, since it is also an established fact that his identification with each one of them does not last long but fades over time.

The mind now studies more thoroughly this issue and comes to the conclusion that it would be a logical error to conclude that his weak facets will always come to the front for the only reason that they are an irremovable part of his nature. By means of confession, acquittal, compassion, forgiveness and deep acceptance it has already been proved that their intensity can be reduced. Consequently, why should he believe that there is no way to make their intensity drop to zero? When this happens, it will not mean that these facets will have stopped to constitute an irremovable part of his nature; it will merely mean that they will have quieted down and therefore shush.

The mind observes that, because thanks to the positive outcome of the first circle of works his self-confidence and self-esteem have essentially increased, he can now rely on the spiritual power of an immaterial, most pure and wise entity which he senses to exist within himself. Sometimes he locates it behind his breastbone and other times low in the back part of the brain.

Formerly, his low self-esteem did not allow him to conceive and admit that something so high and glorious could ever exist within himself. He strongly doubted the existence of this most pure and wise entity. Yes, it can be really existent, he used to say, but not within myself; I am a little tiny, not at all wise, miserable poor man. It seemed to him unsuitably exquisite and superior to exist within his miserable and worthless self. He did not even think of it, he totally ignored it, though he had concrete indications for its existence, but he also passed them over and forgot them.

As a matter of fact, his entire life had run like this. Possibilities, opportunities, skills, tools of all kinds for development and prosperity have always been available within himself and in his environment. He, however, had been convinced of poverty and deficiency. Whatever promised him abundance and wealth, either spiritual or material, he rejected it as unfeasible and disputed it strongly. He put forward unshakeable arguments about the insurmountable difficulties which presented every new idea as not feasible and, as a result, he never engaged in them; he ignored them as if they had never existed.

At the same time some of his brothers, who were optimistic and glowing, grasped these same ideas and came to the wealth, the existence and availability of which he had disputed. Even that cuff proved not to be enough to change his mentality. Instead, he claimed that those brothers obviously used dishonest means or benefited some favorable circumstances in order to achieve success. Besides, this sly guy, the mind, associated selectively only with pessimistic likeminded persons with equally low self-esteem like his, who by their words and their whole life attitude confirmed his convictions, thus allowing him to have a peaceful conscience based on the thought that the opportunity for wealth and abundance truly never existed and that he is not a stupid loser who lets the opportunities go. Hence, he managed to convince himself that the opportunities do not exist, they never existed and they will never exist!

Fortunately, all these, are a thing of the past. The mind watches them now and smiles with sympathy for his former self. He closes his eyes for a while, relaxes, takes some breaths consciously and concurrently focuses his attention on this immaterial most wise entity which resides in him. He cultivates the conviction that this entity, thanks to its innate insight, will be able to show him the path which leads to simmering down and definitive silencing his weak facets, thus granting him abundant free space to enjoy every single moment of his life in a simple and authentic way, with no thoughts about “before” and “after”.

The heartbeats, which he can sense clearly while they vibrate his chest as well as the inside of his head, re-focus him once per second and with this very frequency remind him of the miracle of life, which can be no other than the manifested will of this eternal immaterial entity which resides in him and constitutes the one and only ultimate source of life, the root cause and quintessence of his existence, his true free nature.

The sense of certainty which he reaps from this work is very important, because without this deep self-confidence it would be very easy for him to get disappointed and give everything up due to the consecutive inner hindrances which he is unavoidably expected to confront afterward on his attempt to simmer down his weak facets and free himself from them.

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