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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β8.   The model of the erect, harmonious man.

While he makes the preparations for the pursuance of the steps which are supposed to lead him to the liberation from his weak facets, the mind observes that very often in the day he totally forgets his one and only goal which is inner freedom. He gets tangled up in the world, without knowing what to do and where to set his self down to get forgotten. He may have given up for good quite some of his old crutches, such as passive television watching and useless conversations on wind and water, but he still uses many other activities as anchors by an often unnoticeable means. For instance, he often catches himself while he sets all the burden of his existence down on whatever he does every moment: eating, sleeping, cleaning-up, personal grooming, working in the office as well as on many other everyday engagements.

This tendency of the mind denotes that he is still looking for oblivion in small and great worldly joys. But, oblivion to forget what? What does the mind want to forget now, since he has already reconciled with his weaknesses or, at least, has found the way how to reconcile with them whenever they come up? He wonders what else can be distressing him now. He observes more minutely the sneaking thought which is hidden behind his choice to plunge himself into the food, for example. He finds that at that particular moment he has the illogical hope that the meal time will never finish. Hence, it is obvious that he tries to avoid something. He detects in his stomach that familiar knot which is always created whenever he thinks that he has left a debt unfulfilled. Now he understands. Before, he used to jump upon his food with passion, because he could not stand to hear the censures of his angry self. Thanks to the reconciliation his anger has now cooled off, and what the mind now avoids is very simply the next step to inner freedom.

He wonders why he does not want to proceed to the next step, since Freedom is what he has most yearned for in his entire life. What keeps him away from her? He understands that he is afraid of the change of habits which Freedom will beget. As already said, the habit Slavery is not prepared to hand over her weapons easily. She refuses to assign the domination of the mind to the usurper of the throne, as she incorrectly regards Freedom[1]. She fears that she will vanish and stop existing anymore. When the mind becomes free, many of his current engagements which are related with worldly acqui-sitions and achievements will not excite him anymore; he will be totally indifferent to them, because he will know that they lack essence. How will he then fill his time? The habit Slavery is afraid, for she is scared in view of this unknown situation.

Now he observes the fear which he feels in the face of the oncoming vain which Freedom will bring along. He speaks affectionately to his fearful self and says: “Do not judge the future situation with your today’s facts. The same vain which now triggers the fear in you will be then a source of joy and is going to constitute for you a welcome opportunity to dedicate yourself to your beloved brothers, at last undistracted by anxieties of any kind”.

“Hence, you needn’t fear that your life will be empty when you will have been liberated from your today’s fears. Have confidence in your nature, which has many innate, not yet revealed facets, which will come to light as soon as you get rid of the common fears. As a result, new activities of a free man will fill up your life, thus excluding the likelihood to get bored. If this is what you feared and if this was the reason why you used to throw yourself into all kinds of familiar conditions wishing that they would never end, you can from now on give up freely this fixation to look for excuses at crutches. I believe that you are now ready to stand up and courageously go over to the proximate step for the conquest of Freedom”.

The mind listens to these words of his wise grand self, rolls up his sleeves, rises and moves on with slow harmonious movements. Now he has the feeling that he always remains lightweight. He feels his cells light, vigilant, spread out, free, erected, not in a state of decline, lethargy, coagulation, slavery. He has the feeling that he lives and moves slightly above the Earth level. The feet become weightless and step on the ground with no weight at all, noiselessly, floating and breezing, like the cat treads.

While being in this state, the mind only settles issues, without being drained by them at all. He constantly settles new issues every single moment, according to the flow and the rate in which life brings them forth, remaining light, flexible and fictile, with no resistance. Unbound and unattached from the field of matter, he humbly serves it, thus filling all his hours of the day with joy. The colors of the world look more vivid, the sounds become lucid and the smells more distinct, the tastes seem to be richer and the sense of touch grows sharper. Only then life becomes real life and each detail of it obtains true value.

He moves within the field of matter not falsely and constrained, but naturally and effortlessly erect; the bowed shoulders belong now to the past. He moves on with self-confidence, which is deeply established in the inner quietness and not based upon the ego. He proceeds with conscious, slow and harmonious movements, like some free male brothers which he has seen and much admired and envied since many years ago, without his usual haste and the sudden quick movements which disclosed either guilt feelings or anxious expectancy for the filling of a chronic emotional void, which is indefinite yet fully existent.

Even his familiar redundant compulsive movements he performs slowly, consciously, with respect for himself. Furthermore, he scratches the various parts of his body consciously, he chews his food slowly, and he talks unhurried, with clear articulation, with a deep and stable voice, devoid of any anxiety to finish his word so as to leave the exposing front as soon as possible and without any worrying thoughts such as that he will become tiresome for his audience due to his excessive verbosity. He has the feeling that he becomes more erotic in this way, thus at last radiating his eroticism, which had been caged for many years. Moreover, while he gradually adopts and incorporates this attitude, he remembers to apply it also in every single moment of his active everyday life and not solely during his static lonesome meditation.

[1] See chapter “Slavery, Freedom and Truth” in the first part of the book “The Route Towards the Decision”.

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