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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

John Savvidakis talks about the State of Freedom
of Themistocles Lykiardopoulos

Γιάννης ΣαββιδάκηςWith this book my “ glowing “ friend THEMOS LYKIARDOPOULOS manages the impossible for a person who has already lived many years as an adult;

To “ roll back ” and view life with the wisdom, the purity, the disarming truthfulness, the earnestness and the SUFFERING of a NEWBORN.

Themos ” cleans himself ” and is offered to us as a NEWBORN, and this is a real boon for whomever takes this book into his hands.

Themos Lykiardopoulos and this particular work of his constitute the “ tour train “ that is going to guide us around all these thoughts, which already exist – either in an abstract or in a concrete form – within ourselves, and will open the “ pathway “ for us to self-catharsis and detachment from all trivialities.

The selection of this “ pathway “ is definitely up to us.

John Savvidakis
songwriter, composer

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