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The Vision of Mathiteia Publications

Mathiteia Publications constitute a non-profit activity of Smart Technical Solutions. The vision of Mathiteia Publications is the spread of positive messages aiming to healthier interpersonal relationships among humans. This requires to first improve our relationship with our selves.

Important notions, such as reconciliation with ourselves, liberation from the mind’s boundaries, the conviction of abundance and joy, companionship and many more, are promoted through the books and the other activities of Mathiteia Publications. Our vision is that these valuable notions will be established in the minds of people and that the hearts of all of us will palpitate out of Love for each other and – what is most important – for our very self.

This shall be the foundation for all big problems that torment humanity to be solved; financial and environmental problems, drugs, alcoholism, destruction of families, wars, crimes, depression, insanity and many more. Our position is that the humanity can stand up and achieve a state in which it will be able to enjoy every single moment of its life on this Earth, free from all sufferings that it has caused to its very self and  which it has inherited from the previous generations that are no more in life.

In the Book of Dreams you can find a detailed description of the vision of Mathiteia Publications. Especially in the chapter The publishing organisations all over the world there is an extensive presentation of our vision for all publishers and how they can affect the course of the humanity in a positive way till the final liberation from its banes.

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