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I created Mathiteia Publications in April 2013 aiming to help, as far as I can and know how, as many as possible people have a happier life, full of self-confidence and a feeling of abundance permeating their minds and hearts.

In the pages The Vision of Mathiteia Publications and The publishing organisations all over the world there is a detailed presentation of  my vision for Mathiteia Publications as well as for all other publishing houses, which can play an outstandingly significant role in the healing process of humanity, that can even reach the beyond limits high level of joy and prosperity that is extensively described in the Book of Dreams.

The books of Mathiteia Publications, according to the testimonials of people who have read them, are up to help a significant portion of our fellow humans, in Greece as well as abroad, to overcome various psychological hindrances that constitute for them aν impediment that does not allow them to enjoy a blissful life.

Because the way of approach of the various issues is always through the personal experiences of the author, these books touch the readers deeply, calm them down and confey to them a feeling of love and companionship and the will to adopt this very feeling in their relationships to others as well as to themselves. The revealing way of writing helps them simplify their problems and see the future with optimism.

I am certain that there ar numerous people around me who want and are able to contribute in this work. People who have plenty of time, money and inner resources and search for ways to elploit them in the best possible way for themselves and for the common good.

Hence, I am asking whoever wants and can to support me in the way he prefers in my work. The potential ways are many. Throuhg acquaintances with publishers, cinema and theater directors, theater writers, people of letters, by organizing presentations in private or public places and with the participation of artists in these presentations, which will become more interesting and attractive for the public, if they are embelished by music, dance and singing.

Furthermore, throuth acquaintances with painters, graphic designers or cartoonists who shall express the will to frame up my work with their art. Acquaintances with publishing houses abroad, companies that will accept to sponsor the books, workshops, theater plays and other events, organizing of seminars and groups of self-study in private or public places and many more.

Financial support for the materialization of the aforementioned activities is also welcome from whoever wants and can support them financially. This support can be made either for free or aiming to financial or other kind of rightful profit.

Themistocles Lykiardopoulos
writer, publisher

Postscriipt: Some ideas for ways to help, for whoever wants to help:

  • promotion of the books with news releases in magazines and newspapers
  • gradual publishing of the books, in series, in magazines or newspapers
  • presentations of the books in radio and television stations
  • promotion of the English books abroad and translation to other languages
  • distribution to book stores, shops for biological products and other kinds of shops
  • sending of copies of the books for free to professors of psychology and other persons who can propose them
  • presentations in cultural centers of municipalities, associations, societies and other public places
  • promotion through internet, in various ways
  • collection of positive commentary texts from critics, essayists, journalists and other known persons
  • psychologists, analysts, therapists, councelors and experts of other specialities
  • adaptation of the books to theater plays (the books contain many scenes which, although they refer to inner developments, could very well, with the imagination of an expert, be played in theater and produce either emotional charge or laughter)
  • in case that you wish to suggest more ideas for the promotion of our books, please contact us
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