Prevent the invasion of mice, rats and other rodents!  

The reliable rodent control method.


IMPORTANTNOTE: The rodents repelling device ELECTRIC CAT has no relationship with various cheap rodents and insects repelling devices which are sold through advertisements in magazines and television and can cover only small areas with doubted results.

The problem and its solution.

Mice, rats and other rodents, as known, contaminate huge amounts of provisions every year, eat into cables thus causing severe damages to expensive equipment and destroy agricultural products and stored goods. Additionally, they convey microbes and contribute to the spreading of diseases and epidemics. The ELECTRIC CAT rodent control method is the most up-to-date and effective means existing today for the repellence of all kinds of harmful rodents. It can be installed everywhere: factories, hotels, hospitals, shops and warehouses of provisions and medicines, restaurants, agricultural fields, schools, blocks of flats, detached houses etc.

The principle of function.

The ELECTRIC CAT device is an electronic apparatus which transmits electromagnetic waves of low frequency. As it is known today from studies related to rodents, the natural earth magnetic field plays an important role in their life. They are believed to have a system of sensory organs (a kind of compass in the brain), which depends on the natural magnetic field and thanks to which they are able to find food, water and the way to their home. The electromagnetic waves which are transmitted by the device ELECTRIC CAT in the area where the rodents live interferes in the earth magnetic field and causes confusion to their brain. Their brain, if they stay long within the range of the transmitter, can be damaged so much that they will stop looking for food and breeding; therefore, they try to leave this area as soon as possible. The device functions intermittently, 144 minutes per day in total. This time is enough for the repellence of the rodents.


If there is no outlet for the rodents which live permanently in the area, then within 10 to 40 days they will die, because they will simply have forgotten how to survive. However, in most of the cases they immediately find an outlet and the area gets rid of their presence. In case that this area is a passage of rodents and not their permanent living place, then it will take about 60 to 90 days until they totally disappear and stop entering the protected area.

 When another system of rodents control is already applied.

With the ELECTRIC CAT device you ensure that the baits will remain untouched, because the rodents will not any more approach the area. Besides, with the ELECTRIC CAT device you can annihilate the probability that one rodent which did not happen to eat a bait will pass into the protected area. Moreover, it is impossible that you find the dead body of a rodent which ate a piece of bait, simply because the rodents will not even approach them to eat them.

Comparison to other rodents repelling devices.

  1. Unlike other electronic devices (which function with ultrasounds or other methods), the range of the ELECTRIC CAT is not reduced by the presence of walls, metal shelves, screens and products which may be stored inside the protected areas.
  2. Moreover, there is no chance that the rodents will get used to and stop being repelled by the transmitted electromagnetic waves, like it often happens with the ultrasonic devices.

These two very important advantages of the ELECTRIC CAT allow our company to render the multiple guarantee which is mentioned below.

Covered surface (range).

Each one of the two antennas covers safely a surface of about 375m2 to 500m2, that is to say the total covered area is from 750m2 to 1000m2. The covered height is 12m upwards and 12m downwards. In other words, one device can cover a block of flats with 8 floors, if it is installed at a central point of the 4th floor. Namely, the range of each antenna is an ellipse with a minor radius of about 15m and a major radius of about 25m.

Stronger devices with at least ten times bigger range are currently under development.


The ELECTRIC CAT device does not need any specialized installation. Connect the device with the two antennas and to the plug. The device can be placed anywhere. On the contrary, the correct installation of the antennas is important. They will be more effective, if they are installed opposite to the favorite areas or the passages of the rodents, far from metallic objects and in a distance of 60-70 cm from the floor or from the ceiling or from any massy metallic object which could prevent the wave from being spread sufficiently. The antennas have to be placed in a horizontal position. They can be installed inside the water, in cesspools, inside underground sewage ducts or can be simply hung from the ceiling or any other support. The system functions perfectly also outdoors, provided that the device (not the antennas) is protected from water. While installing the antennas, always keep in mind that the major radius of the elliptic range is parallel to the length of the antenna while the minor radius is vertical to it.

The ELECTRIC CAT device is absolutely safe. The waves which it transmits are very weak and cannot affect humans or pets, as it has been proved by tests which have been done in USA, Switzerland, Italy and Russia. The amplitude of the waves is 10 times lower than the recommended safety limit.

Re-adjusting and replacing the device?

After some time of usage it is probable that the transmitter does not anymore transmit exactly at the correct frequencies. Besides, in our laboratory a general control of the device is made, for the prevention of a potential future damage. Additionally, the device is thoroughly cleaned from dust, down, fluff, fuzz, lint, oil, grease etc., depending on the kinds of dirt which exist in the room where it has been installed.

Moreover, while re-adjusting we also change the algorithm of the sequence of the various transmitted frequencies, so that we can have an additional ensuring that the rodents will never get used to them.

ATTENTION: Never forget to deliver also the antennas for control, together with the devices!

Price and alternative ways of co-operation: Sale or Rental and Annual Replacement.

Retail Price: 960€ + VAT

Annual rental and replacement fee: 320€ + VAT

Re-adjustment of a purchased device: 1/4 of the purchase price: 240€ + VAT

Replacement cost of a device with a recently re-adjusted device: 1/3 of the purchase price: 360€ + VAT


Our company renders the following guarantees:

  1. Results guarantee: Within 90 days of continuous function of the device all rodents will have vanished.
  1. Money back guarantee: If within 90 days from the date of installation the area has not be freed from rodents, the customer may return the device and receive the following amounts:
  • 70% of the value for return within the first 3 months
  • 60% of the value for return within the first 6 months
  • 50% of the value for return within the first 12 months

After the 12 months the money back guarantee expires.

ATTENTION: This guarantee is valid, only when the device is returned in perfect condition, not damaged by fall or impact, neither during its transportation nor during its use. Additionally, it should not be repaired or checked by any unauthorized person. Damages due to overvoltage or thunders or other kinds of accidents are charged to the customer. It is strongly recommended that the devices are connected with safety fuses for their protection of instant overvoltage, or even better, with our total protection system for electric and electronic installations Blitz (see our website).

  1. Good function guarantee: Any repair cost (parts and labour, not transportation costs) within the first year of the purchase will be paid by our company. The same limitations apply like in the previous paragraph.
  2. Quality control guarantee: All ELECTRIC CAT devices are checked twice:
    1. from the quality control department, before they leave the production area
    2. before the shipment to the end customer or the distributor
  3. Guarantee for interferences: The device cannot affect the quality of electric lighting, the function of automatization, fire protection and alarm systems and generally all the electronic systems and electric devices the function of which is not based on magnetic fields. Should the device be installed in a room where magnetic systems function, a trial has to be made first to be checked if there are any interferences from the device to the other equipment or vice versa.
  4. Safety guarantee for humans and animals (except for the rodents, which also do not suffer from an irreversible damage of their health; they are simply annoyed and repelled): We guarantee that the radio frequencies transmitted by the ELECTRIC CAT device is totally safe for humans and animals, for the following reasons (compared to the cellular phones, which have been proved to be very harmful for the brain and other vital organs of the human organism):
    1. It transmits in totally harmless low frequencies (whereas the cellular phones transmit in high frequencies, which harm the brain)
    2. It functions instantly with long intervals and not continuously (whereas the cellular phones transmit continuously, thus overheating the brain).
    3. It is permanently installed at a distance of some meters away from our heads (whereas the cellular phones transmit very close to our head, thus ensuring by 100% the damage which they can cause to our brain!).
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