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Smart Technical Solutions
constantly searches, finds, tests, selects and suggests to its customers
innovative and reliable ecological technical solutions,
for both private and professional applications.


Smart Technical Solutions presents in this website an ever increasing collection of innovative and ecological proposals, which are of interest for all market branches with no exception, as well as for private people and organizations of every kind who happen to own or use buildings or other kinds of facilities.

Here is a brief presentation of the main benefits provided by the company’s technical proposals to industrial as well as to other kinds of customers:

  • reduction of the maintenance costs of the facilities and its equipment,
  • protection of the production equipment against wear and tear and increase of its lifetime,
  • reduction or total eradication of some consumables for the production and the maintenance,
  • energy saving, either indirect or direct,
  • reduction of the production cost per unit of produced products,
  • increase of productivity without need for investment for the purchase of additional equipment,
  • decrease of the overhead costs,
  • autimatization, rationalization, simplification of procedures, avoidance of human mistakes,
  • reduction of defective, non-sellable final product (scrap),
  • minimalization of the downtime,
  • quality improvement and secured repeatability and standardization of the final product,
  • avoidance of customers’ claims, compensation payments and defamation of the company and its products,
  • capacity maximization: possibility to serve more customers and with a more quaranteed quality of service,
  • better health and security conditions for the employees,
  • protection of the environment.

On the Left Menu you can find the most important of our technical proposals classified in categories. This webste is being updated on an everyday basis by means of uploading new pages, which refer to:

  • additional information about technical proposals which are already presented on the website,
  • new innovative and ecological technologies which have been considered as important both for the company and for its customers.

You can use the Search facility by setting the suitable keywords and pressing the Enter button, in order to locate the subject of your interest.

There are many more subjects which have been approved but have not been uploaded on the website yet. Therefore, please contact us every time that you are confronted with a technical problem or whenever you want to find a way to fulfill your practical everyday needs, either in your working place or in your residence, more economically, practically, effectively and reliably in comparison to the possibilites provided to you by the common conventional methods which you and most other people have been applying until today.

It is most probable that you will find out that we can propose you an innovative and ecological solution with less cost than the conventional ones, since our research for new technologies in Greece and abroad is continuous and does not stop ever. This results in the fact that the waiting list of new technical subjects to be uploaded becomes ever longer, in spite of the fact that everyday new pages are uploaded on this website.

Prices and other commercial information
Export price lists and other commercial information such as payment terms, delivery time etc. are available upon request.
The same applies also for sales within Greece.

We wish you to have a good time while surfing within the World of Innovation and Ecology of Smart Technical Solutions!

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