electronic devices for water treatment

A reliable Greek innovation

The MAX GROW technology eliminates the problems caused due to high salinity and salty water in Agriculture and in Industrial Installation.

The simplest solutions are often the most effective ones. MAX GROW is an electronic water treatment system. It uses multiple low frequency radio transmission to prevent the common problems which are caused by salty water.

It generates up to two million vibrations per second, thus differentiating mineral salts and making them easily removable.

It stops the waste of energy due to bad heat exchanging caused by scale. It eradicates the damages due to scale deposits.

It is very important to note that MAX GROW does not cause any change to the chemical composition of water. So, the water remains drinkable and no chemical additives are necessary to use.

In order to install MAX GROW, you do not need to cut the pipe or make any kind of alteration in the water supply or irrigation system. The device can be installed by unskilled person, as it is attached with high quality clamps which are placed on the pipe, wrapping the wires left and right of the device using electrical adhesive tape. The device can also be mounted on a base or a wall close to the pipe. Since no alteration is required, water pressure remains the same.

The electronic water treatment MAX GROW runs either on electricity 220Volts or using a battery with a charger of 24 Volts. The cost of power consumption is insignificant.

The device is available for pipes from 1 to 18 inches.

The device provides many asvantages to agricultural applications. For example, in a nutshell, MAX GROW does not allow the salt to create sintering and accretion.It achieves the opening of the capillary vessels and dissolves the crust created at the surface and inside the ground. Most importantly it removes all existing scale deposits without the use of chemicals, filters etc. The result is to have up to double production and excellent quality. Decomposition of salts leads to achieve rapid leaching of soil, thus reducing drastically the electrical conductivity of the ground and making the ground frothy.

For further information regarding the agricultural and other applications of MAX GROW see the menu at the left.

MAX GROW does not require filters or any form of servicing. The device does not have any interchangeable parts and is accompanied by a ten year written warranty.

MAX GROW technology has been successfully applied in a wide range of customers, among which there are many municipalities and communities, hospitals, the Public Electricity Power Supply Company, the Hellenic Telecommunications Company and various other public institutions as well as industries of food and beverages, plastic industries, hotels, farmers and various other customers.

The advantages and the benefits of the system

At last salinity problems created by salty and brackish water have been solved, without the use of chemicals and any other additives. The worlds’ number one, cost effective, problem free solution for high salinity water and scale deposits MAX GROW guarantees to solve your scale problems for life. The astonishing advantages of this system are:

  • Very low cost, considering the benefits and the life span of the system
  • No maintenance required
  • It is installed within minutes – no tools required.
  • Exceptional growth in all plants using high salinity water
  • Suitable for all irrigation systems
  • Removal of all scale deposits without chemicals or toxic substances
  • Reduction of water usage up to 50% in agricultural applications
  • Reduction of fertilizer usage up to 50% maximizing your profits due to considerably less expenses
  • Huge improvement in the quality and the quantity of all agricultural products
  • Elimination of all problems created by salt and scale also in mechanical installations (factories, hotels, public service organizations, etc.)
  • Eliminates many problems in swimming pools
  • Reduces up to 80% the use of chlorine in swimming pools and eliminates all algae and bacteria
  • Suitable for spa and hot water installations, where scale problems are very difficult to solve
  • Extends the life span of all water installations and mechanical equipment
  • Stops the growth of corrosion and clears all pipelines from existing corrosion
  • Maintains all filters and membranes scale free in swimming pools and reverse osmosis systems
  • Reduces maintenance costs, breakdowns and many problems saving huge amounts of money
  • Scientifically proved and already installed in more than 3.000 customers

Prices and other commercial information
Export price lists and other commercial information such as payment terms, delivery time etc. are available upon request.
The same applies also for sales within Greece.

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