Rings for water
treatment with
The innovative German technology
of Merus rings ensures
the total protection
of the water systems
against lime, rust and other
organic and inorganic scales,
at the same time cleaning
all existing scale.

The Merus technology is the first of all technical proposals which were introduced by Smart Technical Solutions into the Greek market. During the company’s first years (from 2000 to 2005) the Merus rings were its main product. In that time period a lot of detailed presentation texts for this technology were written in Greek. They will be soon be translated and presented in this unit. Until then, you can visit the manufacturer’s English website: www.merusonline.com. You can also read the following introductory text:

In 1996 the German company Merus GmbHintroduced the new technology Merus, which is an important innovation for the water treatment technology. This very simple and inexpensive method guarantees for the water installations a perfect cleaning and protection from the scale deposits and the internal corrosion. Namely, in the whole length of the installations (no matter their size):

  1. the scale deposits (CaCO3 and others), the rust (Fe2O3) and organic scale such as algae are removed,
  2. the deposit of new scale is 100% prevented and
  3. a protective layer of saturated ferrous oxide (magnetite) (Fe3O4) is created, for the prevention of further corrosion

… and all this is assured merely with the simple external placing of a dividable metallic Merus ring at a central pipe of the installation. These rings are made of aluminum, which has been exposed to a special treatment, thanks to which they continuously exploit the thermal energy of the environment (i.e. the Brownian motion) and convert it to very high frequency oscillations of two different kinds. These oscillations are transferred through the pipe material into the water, which consequently conveys them to the whole installation. This results to the weakening of the chemical bonds of the oxides and the deposits, which become softer. The water flow is now able to sweep them and the whole installation is definitely dispensed from rust and all kinds of scales.

The company Merus GmbH is represented in Greece by Smart Technical Solutions which has placed lots of Merus rings at many industries, hotels, ships, swimming pools, homes, irrigation pipelines, restaurants, coffee shops etc. In all cases serious rust and scale problems were solved.

Apart from the Merus rings the same technology also applies at the Merus Stics. These are glass or silver “magic sticks”, which improve the taste of the drinks and makes them easier to digest.

Prices and other commercial information
Export price lists and other commercial information such as payment terms, delivery time etc. are available upon request.
The same applies also for sales within Greece.

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