Water Treatment

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  1. Main Water Supply Filters
    • self-cleaned filters with inox screen
    • centrifugal separators of solids with diameter bigger than 20 microns
    • filters for rust separation from water
    • activated carbon filters for the central water supply
    • other kinds of main water supply filters
  2. Filters for Drinking Water
    • activated carbon filters for installation either below or above the kitschen bank, either without or with integrated reverse osmosis system, suitable for normal to very hard or saline water,
    • filters for water coolers and ice machines
    • other kinds of drinking water filters
  3. Water disinfection

    • active oxygen compound (monopersulfate) for the oxidation of organic compounds and chloramines
    • disinfection with a nanotechnology solution of copper ions for the reduction or total eradication of the chlorine treatment,
    • ultraviolet systems (UV)
    • systems for prevention of growth or extermination of existing legionella and other pathogens, either with copper and silver ions producing electrodes or with consumable chemicals addition
    • other methods for water disinfection
  4. Water treatment in swimming poos, spa, fountains
    • active oxygen for the oxidation of organich compounds, the avoidance of the chlorine shock, the eradication of the carcinogenic chloramines, the reduction of regular chlorine usage and the ensuring of a crystal clear water with zero turbidity
    • a copper ions solution (nanotech product) for algae extermination and partial water disinfection
    • a device for ionization with copper and silver and oxygen addition, for the eradication of the hazards which are associated to the usage of chlorine
    • methods for the removal and prevention of formation of scale deposits on the walls and bottom, inside the filter sand, in the pumps etc.
    • vacuum cleaners for swimming pools
    • other water treatment methods in swimming pools
  5. Removal of salts and metals
    • sea water desalination
    • water softeners, working with ions exchanging resins, for the partial or total removal of calcium and magnesium salts dissolving in the water (reduction of the temporary hardness or transient hardness value)
    • deionizators, also working with ions exchanging resins, for the total removal of all ions from the water
    • reverse osmosis units, equipped with special membranes which remove all kinds of particles from the water
    • equipment and/or consumables for the removal of iron and manganese from the water
    • equipment and/or consumables for the removal of arsenic and antimony from the water
    • other methods of removal of various salts and metals from water
  6. Liquids separation
    • filters and full systems for the separation of oil and water
    • coalescers,
    • skimmers for the removal of sticky and oily substances from the surface of water and other liquids in tanks
    • other equipment and methods for the separation of liquids
  7. Special applications of water treatment
    • solutions for the irrigation and spraying of plants
    • natural and artificial lakes
    • tertiary sewage treatment for water recovery for gardens watering or crops irrigation
    • other special applications of water treatment
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