Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

from rust, scale and other deposits in water and other liquid systems and equipment

Smart Technical Solutions undertakes, with specialized crew and ecological materials, the chemical cleaning of all kinds of water and other liquid systems in industries, hotels, ships, buildings etc.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is done to coolers, evaporating condensators, hot water boilers, steam boilers, cooling equipment for air-conditioning, piping networks of central air-conditioning for heating and cooling of buildings, steam generators, heate exchangers, fresh warm water generating boilers, cooling towers, freon condensers, chillers, heat exchanging coils, electrical resistances, central air-conditioning units, fan coilers, solar systems, piping networks, casting moulds for metalls, plastics, glass and other materials, cooling heat exchangers for internal combustion machines, evaporators for ships (fresh water generators), firefighting systems, cooling systems with sea water and all kinds of piping and equipment in which all kinds of deposits pile up, such as rust, lime scale, oysters and mussels, algae, organic and inorganic chemical deposits, soaps, solidified urban sewage or industrial wastewater, tree roots in sewage piping, hair, papers, cloths etc.

Mechanical cleaning

In some cases, when the chemical cleaning is impossible for certain practical reasons, a mechanical cleaning of the piping network is necessary, which can be carried out in various ways, such as pigging, pipe cleaning machines, ultrasounds, pipe hydroblasting, special brushes for the tubes of heat exchangers etc.

Combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning

In many cases the best solution is the combination of both methods, in order to save chemicals and also to achieve a better result. Smart Technical Solutions recently developed a new technology for the combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning in tubular heat exchangers. For more information about this possibility click here.

Consumable products and equipment for chemical and mechanical cleaning

Apart from rendering services, Smart Technical Solutions also sells the suitable consumable products and the necessary equipment for all cases, in order for the customer to apply them with his own crew.

Biological treatment

There are many cases, especially in sewage piping networks and sewage treatment facilities, in which the usage of organic materials is preferable, in order that a gradual degradation of organic deposits is achieved and removal from pipes, shafts, fat traps, pumps, sewage tanks etc. Smart Technical Solutions undertakes either to supply the respective consumables and also apply them and maintain such facilities, or simply to provide them and instruct the customer how to apply them with his own crew. For more information about the cleaning products for organic deposits and the various biological cleaning methods for piping networks, please contact us.

Below you can read a detailed presentation of the chemical cleaning services offered by the company. You can also find some methods of preventive maintenance, which ensure that the facilities remain clean, thus totally eradicating or eliminating the need for a chemical cleaning.

1. Services of Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

Below there is a brief presentation of some of the chemical and mechanical cleaning projects which Smart Technical Solutions undertake. For other kinds of projects which are not mentioned below, please contact us.

A more detailed presentation you can find in Greek in the respective page. If you widh to receive this information in English, please contact us.

  • Cleaning in cooling towers, freon or ammonia condensers, heat exchangers
  • Cleaning of central air-conditioning systems of buildings
  • Cleaning of boilers, heat exchangers and rapid water heaters of fresh water
  • Cleaning of steam boilers and steam generators
  • Cleaning of firefighting systems
  • Cleaning of sewage piping networks
  • Cleaning of water supply piping networks
  • Cement ducts and shafts designed for the removal of underground water from buildings’ foundation

2. Consumables and equipment for chemical and mechanical cleaning

A detailed presentation of this paragraph you can find in Greek in the respective page. If you widh to receive this information in English, please contact us.

3. Preventive maintenance for the prevention of scale deposits formation

  • Prevention of the formation of lime and other salts scale, rust and variou oxides and other inorganic substances.
  • Prevention of oxidation of inner surfaces of pipes, tanks etc.
  • Prevention of organic scale formation in water and sewage piping networks.

A detailed presentation of these paragraphs you can find in Greek in the respective page. If you widh to receive this information in English, please contact us.

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