Common insulation and surface protection problems

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If even one of these questions you will read in this page you believe that it is of your interest, then you have a very good reason to proceed to the next chapter, regarding the products.

… last winter you encountered moisture problems;
… last water insulation withstood only for a few years;
… the cost of a new water insulation seems unaffordable;
… you worry about the puddles or the snow that remain on your terrace;
… your external walls need very often plastering and painting;
… it is important for you the water insulation not to change at all the appearanceof the surfaces;
… you want to be able to walk safely on the water insulated surfaces;
… you are interested in the building to breathe, while being fully insulated;
… stones, marbles, tiles fade and the joints initiate water;
… walls, concrete floors, marbles, mosaics are not cleaned easily due to penetration of dirt and stains from oil;
… you want to make some surfaces oleophobic, in order not to stain of oil falling on them;
… on the ceiling and the walls is created mold;
… you recently refurbished your building and want to protect it;
… you are feeling warm during summer and cold during winter;
… you have cracked and chapped columns and beams due to oxidation of their metal armature τους;
… (for the protection against corrosion of the steel concrete armature, please see the page STOPCOR).
… your concrete floor is rubbed and is no longer smooth;
… the plaster and the concrete floors are rubbed and the place is full of dust;
… the plasters and the cement mortars crack or come unstuck easily;
… any material you have used so far to repair cracks and breaks breach soon;
… the plasters you are manufacturing do not have perfect adhesion, waterproof, workability;
… you need a convenient moulded cement to give correct trickle on your terrace;
… you are in search of a reliable solution for the waterproofing of the foundation before filling;
… your basement is moist and smelly or fills waters that penetrate into the walls and the floor;
… your pool or your tank is leaking and you are loosing expensive treated water daily;
… adjacent septic tanks contaminate the water of your underground concrete tank;
… your airlock septic tank fills with rain and so you have to call often for a tanker;
… your window box is not tight and pass water in the basement or through the side wall;
… the walls support on the ground of your land are corrosive and gradually weathered;
… your leather and fabric items need protection against moisture and sun;
… your outdoor wooden structures suffer from moisture, saltiness and sun;
… you worry about burning dry grass, trees, crops, wooden casings, doors, windows, pergolas etc.;

You can solve these and many other problems easily, economically and quickly with the help of the acrylic resins of the family WINWET, which provide the materials and the surfaces where applied unique properties, such as:

  • Waterproofing, sealing, thanks to the deep penetration and the complete sealing of their pores
  • Heat insulation,  as no energy is spent for the evaporation of moisture of walls, floor and ceiling
  • Hydrophobia and oleophobia, the dirt doesn’t penetrate, remains on the surface and is easily washed
  • Open pores, for the building to “breathe”
  • Antifungal protection against  mold
  • Vibrant colors without unaesthetic shine
  • Tightening and consistency for protection against breakage, chipping and peeling
  • Elasticity and resistance to mechanical stresses due to contractions-expansions, microseismic, loads etc.
  • Weldability, prevention of cracking, abrasion and waterproof plasters, cement mortars etc.
  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun (fading, thinning and peeling of the paint)
  • Protection against saltiness (white spots and premature aging “burning” of the paints)
  • Protection from snow, ice, hail (cracks and flaking due to ice affection)
  • Protection against fire
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