WINWET, Acrylic Insulation Penetrating Materials for any surface

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WINWET Materials: is a family of acrylic-based insulating materials which work by impregnation and capillary action, i.e. filling up the pores and invisible crevices in concrete and masonry construction. In so doing they are undergoing polymerization which results in permanently sealing the said structures rendering them impermeable

WINWET Technology: It has been tested at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece. Provenly it provides the most simple, effective and economical method of waterproofing all sorts of walls, slabs and ther porous building surfaces. It works by being applied over the surface and absorbed into the mass of the building materials. This is humidity insulation by penetration and impregnation which lasts for the lifetime of the structure, in contrast, insulating systems which intend to waterproof by applying crust-forming coatings or other surface coverings are subject to aging and decay. We could safely assert that the WINWET Technology presents unique advantages as follows:

1. perfect waterproofing even for the DIY market,
2. insulation against cold and heat,
3. consistency & protection against abrasion, shock, vibrations,
4. resistance to expansions and contractions and puffy loads,
5. protection against ice, salinity, solar radiation, pollutions,
6. unobstructed breathing of the building


A detailed presentation of this innovative technology of Smart Technical Solutions is following, which in recent years tends to dominate and replace older coating technologies, which have serious disadvantages and have created many problems for technicians and end users.

  1. Most commonly encountered waterproofing problems 
    If you find out that any of the questions you read in this article is of your concern, then you have a very good reason to proceed reading the next chapter presenting the products.
  2. resenting the Series of WINWET Products
    Detailed presentation of the products and the solutions they provide
  3. Advantages, benefits and guarantees of the WINWET products. Detailed presentation of the technical and financial advantages and the benefits provided by Winwet technology.
  4. Application fields of the WINWET technology. Detailed presentation of the application fields classified into 6 major categories:

1. surface waterproofing, areas heat insulation,
2. sealing of areas in constant contact with water or moisture,
3. repairs,
4. various applications for preventive protection,
5. fillings-finishings-constructions,
6. various other applications

  1. Comparison of WINWET products with the traditional waterproofing methods
    How solved WINWET technology thanks to the completely different way of approach the unsurpassed problems that did not allow to the older methods to provide solutions with reliability for a long period of time.
  2. Pricelist, packaging, information on the consumption of WINWET materials
    Detailed pricelist, by which it is clearly resulting that the WINWET products offer, except of the qualitative difference also a major financial advantage.
  3. Safety Data Sheets of WINWET products (under construction)
    The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of all WINWET products are in the disposal of anyone interested.
  4. Customer list and detailed description of the applications (under construction)
    A list of some of the costumers who trusted WINWET technology with a detailed presentation of the problems they were facing and the way they applied the products.
  5. Instructions for use during the applications of WINWET products (under construction)
    The instructions for the use of each product in PDF format, exactly as they are shown on the packaging label. (You will find more detailed instructions in the chapters for the products and the application fields.)
  6. Two auxiliary products for fast and permanent minor repairs
    Repair cement of two ingredients and fast curing cement of the American company Damtite.

Insulate and renovate your buildings with state subsity.

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