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The issue of sealing of construction is critical. Within a few years a precise construction with the best materials can present serious aesthetic, functional and even static problems, if not taken care from the very first moment for correct sealing withstanding in time.

The seal must be made in the entire building: from the foundation to the terrace or the roof. There should also be used reliable materials and their application should also be studied and be performed without rush and sketchiness as unfortunately it happens too often with serious financial consequences and against the quality of the life for the owners and the users of the building, as well as significant damage throughout the construction.

Smart Technical Solutions proposes innovative material which consist art technology. Generally, the sealants can be classified into two major categories: penetrating-infiltrating and overlaying-coating. Both types of materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the combination of materials from both categories results – provided the correct study and application – the safest outcome.

Along with the seal, the company proposes also the cathodic protection of the metal armature of the concrete, which is achieved with the application of the cathodic protection systems STOPCOR, which, with a very simple setup at selected points of the metal armature, ensure a reductive environment throughout its area, thus preventing the electrolytic corrosion and the chemical oxidation of the armature which are due to moisture penetration in the concrete due to pure sealing or other factors associated with electrolysis. So, is prevented the weakening of the armature due to loss of mass, as well as the swelling and the rupturing of the concrete due to oxidation, resulting in significantly prolonged life duration of the structure and its safe remaining, without static problems.

Smart Technical Solutions except from the wholesale and the retail sale of the materials promoted undertakes also their application in collaboration with certified work teams with which is in collaboration all over Greece andCyprus, which provide a written guarantee for the projects they deliver.

Smart Technical Solutions recommends the following technologies, which as they mutually complement each other they cover the whole spectrum of needs in this area:

  1. WINWET, acrylic, penetrating, waterproof resins for all kinds of surfaces
    A range of insulating products available exclusively inGreece by STS.
  2. PENETRON, concrete sealing with crystals development
    American innovative technology of high standards.
    The absolute sealing of concrete.
    It is alsosupplied to cement mortars and rising dump in bricks, stone, etc.
  3. Green Roofs (planted terrace)
    Smart Technical Solutions disposes work teams certified by ESHA for the waterproofing of roofs and their planting, which offers energy savings, beauty, environmental benefits, protection of the underlying structure against  the thermal strain of the solar radiation and many other benefits.

Soon will be added to this page some more sealing technologies used by the work teams of our company to fully cover any possible problem to be solved. For any question that you think is not covered by the above mentioned technologies, please contact us.

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