Coating sealants with strong adhesion

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The products in this category have the common characteristic of the very strong adhesion and the compact sealing that is achieved by covering or sealing of extended surfaces or joints cracks, holes, cavities, shelled areas, broken parts etc. For higher mechanical resistance and better filling of gaps or smoothing of imperfections and protrusions on surfaces like those left on wall formwork, are applied in many cases with a small addition of cement. These products have practically no aging in time and do not crack, nor dry, are not destroyed by the sun, the ice, the alkaline environment of concrete and other factors which normally dissolve other filling and sealing materials in a very short time.

Thanks to their above properties and also thanks to the unique combination of elasticity and strong adhesion of Armofix and the high resistance of Smaltofix and Smaltolack into negative and positive pressures, these products have many different applications in all phases of construction of a building from the foundations to the roofs and the tiles.

They have no relation with other coating materials in the market, as they do not form perishable rind like the regular brushable coating resins or the aluminum paints nor solid coating separate from the covered surface like the bituminous membranes, but instead after their polymerization they form a coating layer with strong adhesion and multiple “rooting” deep into the pores of the surface.

  • Armofix
    Filling and sealing of cracks & joints: Innovative viscous waterproof elastic resin for filling of expansion joints, cracks and other cavities, where is required waterproofness along with excellent adhesion, elasticity, walkability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It is used pure or mixed with cement, when the application requires more resistance to intensive expansions and contructions, mechanical damages etc.
  • Smaltofix
    The waterproof white of the White House: White or colored resin material that seals negative pressures in basements with a simple coating with a roll over the wet wall of the basement. In conjunction with Betocryl it seals foundations, tanks, pools, planters etc. without cement mortar. It consitutes also a perfect vapor barrier (instead of pitch, which does not stand for many years) for the protection of the roof heat insulation with polyurethane. Furthermore it provides reflective heat insulation from the heat. It achieves partial heat insulation against cold, because it preserves the roofs and the walls dry and thus eliminates cooling due to evaporation.
  • Smaltolack
    Highly resistant material, containing the volcanic mineral “obsidian” and a special combination of acrylic resins, which thanks to its elasticity and hardness ensures the resistance of the floors to loads, shocks, frictions, expansions and contractions, to a greater extent than the epoxy floors, with the additional advantage of the very slow rate of aging, the very low cost and the simple implementation, since it is of one and not two components.

Note: For waterproofing of walls and other surfaces please see also POLYUREA 91PU250.

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