the acrylic resin resistant into water

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1. Identification of the product
Category WINWET: 2. Hydrophobic, oleophobic, resistant to UV
Product description: White, elastomer emulsion acrylic type water based for the protection of surfaces which come into continuous contact with water or damp soil
Safety data: It contains no carcinogenic solvents, is water based. For more details, please read the Safety Data Sheet of the product.
Materials on which it is applied: Horizontal and vertical surfaces of concrete or cement tanks, swimming pools, watertight cesspools, planters and other surfaces that come in direct contact with water or moist soil
2. Data on the operation of the product
Which problems are solved by the product and in which ways: This resin consists an auxiliary material designed in recent years by researchers who design the WINWET products for even greater sealing assurance of foundations, tanks, planters, swimming pools, cesspools etc. for an indefinite period of time. It is applied whenever necessary, over other penetrative and coating resins of the WINWET family, like Betostal F/18, Betostal SLN, Betoplex and Smaltofix, which provide the ultimate seal in the above cases. Betocryl protects these resins from continuous contact with water or moist soil and from the acids produced by the roots of plants, thereby multiplying their lifetime. It can also be applied over other materials which do not belong to the WINWET family, to protect them from the above factors that degrade them with the time passing.
Moreover, because of the adhesiveness and the thick layer it creates in the application, it is used as a primer for applying waterproofing paint or heat insulating paint on non-porous surfaces.
Operating principle and way of action: Thanks to its adhesiveness the resin creates a strong layer on the substrate that has created the previous resin. As coming in contact with the air, starts the polymerization (“lamination”) of the resin. With the completion of the polymerization the entire surface is covered with a waterproof and flexible film leaving no path for the water and the moisture.
Benefits: 1. It confirms the sealing that have achieved the penetrative and coating resins which have been already applied over the surface.
2. It protects these resins from continuous contact with water or moist soil and from the acids produced by the plant roots to grow.
3. It is ideal for waterproofing polycarbonate sheets in atria where it is not allowed to reduce the luminosity of the area because of the insulating material to be applied.
4. It is the ideal primer for applying paint on smooth surfaces (bituminous membranes, glass, ceramic tiles etc.) and ensures excellent paint adhesion (plain or reflective) without risk of cracking, detachment and flaking.
Advantages over other methods: It offers a solution for life in a much lower cost than slush grout finishes, bituminous membranes, tar and coating materials commonly used for sealing tanks, cesspools, planters etc. Moreover, it is not damaged by the acids produced by plant roots which in a few years destroy the bituminous membranes, beginning so the problems with humidity in the rooms bordering on the planters.
Comparison with other materials of WINWET family: Compared to Contraqua 7/50, because of its higher resistance in acid environment and the large thickness of its film when it is used without dilution, it is preferred for the application in planters, tanks, cesspools etc. Both materials are very resistant to continuous contact with water.
Experiment control of the efficacy of the product: For checking the effectiveness of the product we can prepare a laboratory sample film of Betocryl in the office leaving a small amount of resin in an ashtray. When it dries, it becomes transparent as glass. So we can determine its elasticity, make sure in a laboratory for its UV resistance or leave a portion of the film in a glass of water. Then we will notice that no matter how many days the film will remain in the water, there will be no “emulsification” (i.e. it will not absorb water), i.e. it is completely hydrophobic and waterproof. Until today the respective waterproofing resins in the market except of their poor resistance to UV, usually emulsify in water in less than 12 hours, or break when they are frozen. This easy experiment shows clearly the qualitative difference of Betocryl compared to other resins.
Application fields: This space will be filled shortly with links that will lead into a separate document for each different product application field.
3. Application of the product
Necessary equipment for the application: For the application of the resin you should have at your disposal what is indicated in the Winwet Application Equipment List.
Surface preparation prior to application: Whether it is used as a final protective layer over other WINWET sealing resins, whether it is used as a primer on non-porous surfaces, in both cases, the surface must be clean and dry.
Protection of other surfaces: Because when it is dried on marble, tiles, metals and other surfaces, it is hardly cleaned protect such surfaces with nylon or newspapers. In case it drips, wipe the surface thoroughly immediately with a damp cloth or paper before starting the polymerization of the resin.
Dilution: It is used without dilution, to create thick and resistant sealing film.
Number of coatings: A coating will normally suffice.
Application methods: 1. With roller or lightening brush: We care that the roller or the brush have always plenty of material to fully cover the pores and the small cracks. The roller is not recommended for rough surfaces such as frisky plaster. 2. Spraying with a sprayer (the most relaxing way): is recommended the use of an electric sprayer with a barrel, as the manual backpack sprayer is very tiring for large areas. The sprayer must be thoroughly washed immediately after use, otherwise it is getting destroyed. 3. Cast (only for horizontal surfaces): we pour the resin diluted little by little and spread it with a wide hard broom.
Required time for the application: The   application of the resin is very simple and quick: 1. With a roller or brush or cast with a broom: approximately 20 minutes for a surface of 100 m2 2. With an electric sprayer: approximately 10 minutes for a surface of 100 m2 3. With a backpack sprayer: approximately 30 minutes for a surface of 100 m2
Weather conditions during the applications: On cloudy or sunny weather, cold or heat the end result will be exactly the same. The sun and the heat just accelerate the polymerization and waterproofing. If there is a forecast for rain by the National Meteorological Service, the application should be deferred, if it is going to be applied outdoors.
Lower polymerization temperature: 3οC. If the temperature falls below 3οC before the polymerization is complete, the water begins to freeze and the same happens to the special penetrators containing the resin, thus losing coherence and waterproofness. Therefore, you should avoid the application of the resin when it is very cold.
When the resin is polymerized completely, the frost does not cause any damage.
Drying time: Within a short time the resin dries up.
Completion time of polymerization: 4 days or less. During the hot and dry days of summer the polymerization lasts 24 hours.
If the surface becomes wet before   the completion of resin polymerization: There is no problem. With another coating the damage is completely restored.
Paintability after the application: The surface can be painted immediately after drying of the resin.
Paintability with paints admixture: It makes no sense to mix the resin with paint before application, because it is not coating and thus cannot paint the surface on which it is applied.
Instructions for use: Click here to see in PDF format the label with the instructions for use which is affixed on the product.
4. Resistance of the applied product
Resistance to expansions and contractions, vibrations and earthquakes: Very good. The polymerized resin does not lose its shape nor is torn due to the movement and the internal frictions caused by such phenomena.
Resistance to shocks and frictions: Very good
Behavior in acid and alkaline environment: The polymerized resin is not attacked by the alkaline environment which create e.g. aggregates nor by the acid environment which cause various chemicals and plant roots in an attempt to pave the way and move through the soil. That is why it is always used as the final finish to seal planters, land support walls and other structures that are in constant contact with the soil.
Resistance to temperature   changes: Thanks to its elasticity the polymerized resin withstands sudden changes in temperature.
Resistance to extreme temperatures: Excellent, even at high heat and freezing cold conditions as those that occur only in certain areas of Northern Greece as far as Greece is concerned.
Resistance to solar ultraviolet radiation: Very good. (This property is unnecessary, since this resin is not typically used on surfaces exposed to sunlight.)
Resistance to constant contact with water or moist soil or other form of moisture: Excellent. After its polymerization the resin does not dissolve in water neither is emulsified, even if it remains in continuous contact with moisture, stagnant water, snow, ice etc. for an indefinite period of time. Regarding this property Betocryl outweighs all other resins of the family WINWET. Narrowly follow Contraqua 7/50 and Betostal SLN and then comes the Betostal F/18.
Tolerance to positive pressure: Especially high, because,   when it is applied without dilution,   it forms the thickest film of all products of the Winwet family.
Tolerance to negative pressure: This property is not useful for the kinds of applications where is used Betocryl.
Lifetime: Unlimited. The polymerized resin does not lose its properties over time, because practically the material does not age (is not dried nor decomposed) and has high elasticity (does not lose its shape nor is torn with expansions and contractions).
Periodical preventive   reapply: It is not considered necessary for precautionary purpose the repetition every few years. If conditions permit it, there may be applied one coating for enhancement every five or ten years (possible in tanks and   pools, difficult in tight cesspools and planters).
5. Natural properties of the product
Product form before its application: Milky thin liquid
Product form after its application and   polymerization: Single transparent, colorless, waterproof cohesive elastic mass
Elasticity: Very good
Adhesiveness: Very good
Adhesion – penetration: Low penetration, strong adhesion, because of adhesiveness
Coverage: It forms a thick and elastic waterproof film on the surface it is applied.
Air permeability and vapor permeability: Yes, the polymerized resin allows transpiration, because it has such a molecular structure that allows the passage of air and water vapor between its molecules. Of course, this positive property of Betocryl is not necessary for the types of applications where it is used.
Filling capacity of cavities and cracks: This particular resin is always applied over others and is not intended for filling cavities and cracks.
Solubility in water: Yes, but it is generally used without dilution in water.
Waterproofness: Excellent
Hydrophocity and oleophobicity: Although it has moderate hydrophobicity (i.e., when water is spilled on the surface, is not observed the phenomenon of mercury), however, in continuous contact with water or moist soil it does not emulsify and has unlimited durability. The oleophobicity of the resin is not tested. There are other WINWET materials with proven oleophobicity, e.g. Stainblocker.
Walkability: This property is of no interest for the specific product.
Slipperiness: This property is of no interest for the specific product.
Texture and appearance   of the surface after the application: This property is of no interest for the specific product.
6. Satisfied customers
Customer List: A list of satisfied customers with phone numbers and names of responsible persons, who are willing to convey you their positive experience with the product
Applications descriptions: Descriptions of product applications at our customer sites, consisting of the following sections:
a. detailed description of the problem or problems that the customer faced
b. description of the solution or solutions we applied
c. ways in which the customer found out that the application was successful
Recommendation letters: Recommendation letters of satisfied customers who by means of the product finally solved some problems for which they until then had not found any solution
Frequently asked questions and customer objections: Please click here to find answers on any questions, doubts and objections that are often raised by potential buyers of the product, together the valid responses received on various issues, the most important of which are:

  • ­the working principle of the product
  • ­its reliability and efficiency
  • ­its lifetime
  • ­health and safety during its use
  • application method
  • ­special circumstances which render doubtful the success of the application
  • after sales service
7. Market information
Packaging, price,
For packaging, pricing and coverage, please click here.
Guarantee: For information regarding the guarantee of WINWET products, please click here.

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