Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, Resistant to UV

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The acrylic resins of this category have the following common features:

  1. They are less penetrating from the Betostal resins and form a transparent protective film on the surfaces where applicable. This film is invisible and may be very thin to quite thick, namely perceptible or not perceptible by touch, according to  the needs of each application.
  2. They are hydrophobic, i.e. repel the water  droplets which normally overlay on various surfaces (even if they are waterproofed by impregnating acrylic resins) thus protecting them from the mold, the humidity, the freezing and other causes of damage.
  3. They resist to continuous contact with water or wet soil without wearing out.
  4. They have very high protection factor against the solar ultraviolet radiation.
  5. They have additional properties, such as oleophobicity, resistance to acids produced by the roots of plants etc.

For the above reasons they are used in the following two ways:

  • as a final protective layer in many applications of WINWET technology, such as waterproofing on terraces and walls, waterproofing on foundations, planters, ground retaining walls, pools, tanks etc.
  • on their own, without preceding other WINWET materials, in applications such as protection of the tiles against freezing, preventive protection of preexisting coating of water insulation or sealing with bituminous membranes coating resins etc.

The materials of this category are the following:

  • Contraqua 7/50: The versatile surface protection
    Hydrophobic and oleophobic resin with very good UV protection  factor for waterproofing and avoidance of scratching, peeling, soiling and fading on painted walls, tiles and other vertical and inclined surfaces. It prevents freezing of plaster and paint. As applied diluted, it creates rind and therefore does not flake. It achieves also partial heat insulation from the cold, because it  preserves the walls dry and thus eliminates cooling due to evaporation.
  • Betocryl
    The resin that can  resist into water: Waterproofing resin which withstands continuous  contact with water or wet soil. Insoluble forms thick film which is highly resistant to contact with acids and other chemicals. Ideal for finishing  in sealing of planters.
  • Cerosil
    Acrylic water-soluble resin with a special wax mixture, which provides to the surfaces waterproofness and hydrophobicity. It is ideal for dark surfaces, because it does not cause any aesthetic alteration. It is resistant to solar radiation and remains unchanged for many years.
  • STAINBLOCKER: Anti-graffity and surface protection from any kind of dirt and stains
    Oleophobic and hydrophobic protective transparent water soluble liquid nanotechnology product
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