Acrylic water-soluble with a special wax mixture

ideal for dark surfaces
without any aesthetic alteration
with long lifetime

Complete waterproofness and hydrophobia

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CEROSIL is an ecological water-repellent (hydrophobic) resin based on a mixture of specially selected synthetic waxes for quick and easy waterproofing of vertical walls made of decorative bricks and generally for darker surfaces that need a completely transparent coating to avoid a aesthetic alteration.

Comparison with other hydrophobic materials in the market

Acts as a substitute for silicone and siloxane and unlike them has perfect resistance to sunlight. Conventional silicone and siloxane materials circulating in paint shops have by nature limited lifetime because the solar radiation decomposes them rapidly, thereby losing their hydrophobicity.
Application method Dilution

It is applied with a brush or roller, or spraying with one coating and diluted with water by 20%.

Comparison with other hydrophobic materials of WINWET series

Compared to the also hydrophobic Stainblocker CEROSIL is much more economical material, however Stainblocker is also oleophobic.

CEROSIL outweighs the also hydrophobic Contraqua 7/50, because on dark surfaces it doesn’t causes aesthetic alteration, but for pale walls they have no aesthetic difference and Contraqua 7/50 is economically advantageous because it is diluted in three times the quantity of water and so has smaller consumption per sqm, while the price of the two materials is nearly the same.

Compared to the also hydrophobic Aquablock CEROSIL is more ecological, because that contains White Spirit, while CEROSIL is water soluble. The cost of both materials per m² is about the same, although Aquablock is more expensive as a material, but has a smaller consumption. Finally, Aquablock alives colors (without imparting glazing) while CEROSIL causes no aesthetic alteration.
Application as an admixture in cement mortars

Also, CEROSIL can be added as an admixture in cement mortars increasing their waterproofness. It can act as Betoplex, but with a different operating principle. It is possible to combine both materials for even higher waterproofness.

For construction of cement mortar and concrete with absolute waterproofness, requiring no work afterwards for sealing, see the Penetron Admix.

Price, Packaging, Coverage

Please see the pricelist of WINWET products.

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