Oleophobic and hydrophobic protective material

1. Anti-graffity for painted walls,
marbles, cars, trains etc.
2. Protection from stains and droppings
on floors, stone, mosaic etc.

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Water soluble transparent liquid, nanotechnology product

One of the biggest problems of pollution in the walls of buildings of urban and also in signs, vehicles, etc. is the graffiti that some people tend to draw. Also, another common problem are the spots which are formed into porous surfaces of floors and work benches because of oily and fatty substances, coffee, chocolate, etc., as well as from bird droppings on verandas, balconies, etc. So far all attempts for decontamination had little practical results and only on hard surfaces such as in granites had some poor results. FAR CHEMICALS USA disposed in 2006 to market a new composition based on fluoroalkyl acrylat in ecological water-soluble form, which because of its micromolecular structure penetrates everywhere and gives antifouling properties. STAINBLOCKER is indicated for all kinds of surfaces, such as marbles, granites, plaques of Karystos, painted metal surfaces, painted walls etc.

Cleaning of the surface and application of the product:
If the surface is already dirty, it should be cleaned by scratching with sandpaper or with GRAFFITI REMOVER, if it comes to graffiti, or with SUPER GEO, if it comes to stains from oils and other contaminants. If it is a painted surface, the simplest solution is to be repainted.
For extended surfaces Smart Technical Solutions has specialized work teams for the complete removal of graffiti or other pollutants that have penetrated into porous surfaces, guaranteeing that they will not be worn out at all, even if they are highly sensitive.
Once cleaned, the surface of dust and various contaminants, if the surface is porous or decayed, it is applied for reasons of economy and consistency, respectively, the appropriate material, depending on the type of surface BETOSTAL 2/14 or BETOSTAL SLV or other). Then it is applied a coating of undiluted STAINBLOCKER by brush, roller or spray. STAINBLOCKER causes no discoloration of the surface, nor imparts glimmering. The material dries easily, depending on the ambient temperature, but becomes complete oleophobic and hydrophobic properties after 48 hours because of the polymerization reaction.

Cleaning of pollutants that will fall on a surface where is applied STAINBLOCKER:
After polymerization oil, grime, colors, droppings and other substances that will fall on the surface are easily removed with a damp cloth even after 24 hours or more duration of stay on the treated surface. Especially, when it comes to pens or spray on walls it is needed scrubbing with a sponge, hot water under pressure and a suitable detergent such as JET CLEAN. In marbles or granites it may be needed scrubbing with a cloth moistened with acetone. With STAINBLOCKER you can rest assured that your walls will not fill up with graffiti, that the balconies will not be damaged by the droppings, and that after the barbeque you will not leave behind a terrace with indelible stains on the floor.

Waterproofing surfaces and other types of protection:
also achieves absolute waterproofing of surfaces on which it is applied, giving them perfectly hydrophobicity (water collects on the surface like a ball of mercury), while protecting them from damage due to ice, sun, saltiness etc.

ATTENTION: STAINBLOCKER is an excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic material, but it gives coherence on decayed surfaces such other materials of Winwet family. Consequently, it is not able to protect surfaces as joints of tiles, concrete floors, etc., from damage due to mechanical abrasion due to friction. For this purpose we suggest other materials such as, for example BETOSTAL 2/14, if it comes to concrete floors, and BETOSTAL SLV, if it comes to joints of tiles. In both cases, STAINBLOCKER can be applied after these materials (after they dry well) to add to the consistency that they have achieved the oleophobicity you may also require for protection against stains, graffiti, etc.

Oleophobicity test of the applied material:
STAINBLOCKER needs 2 days to obtain its complete properties, so should any quality tests be done after having passed 48 hours, otherwise it may not show good performance in oil and other pollutants.

In areas where there is frequent passage of heavy vehicles STAINBLOCKER should be reapplied after a few years or even better it would be to preventive reapply a coating once a year only in these areas. The material consumption will be much lower then, as will the pores of the surface will be saturated because of the earlier applications. There is, of course, also the possibility of not making such periodic maintenance every year and expect to wear out the material after some years, when we will see in the areas where heavy vehicles are moving again some pollutants being absorbed by the surface. Then we proceed again with cleaning of the surface and apply again STAINBLOCKER. Perhaps this tactic is the most economical.

For an alternative solution to STAINBLOCKER, with much higher initial cost and zero maintenance costs (lifetime greater than 20 years), you should prefer the material FPU51PC101 with very strong adhesion, which features the particular difference that livens the colors of the surface, while STAINBLOCKER doesn’t change them at all. Furthermore, FPU51PC101 is ideal for continuous contact with water, such as the case of sealing a tank internally, which is not valid for STAINBLOCKER.

Buy now STAINBLOCKER from our e-shop
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