Betostal 2/14

cohesive and reinforcing impregnating resin

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1. Identification of the product
Category WINWET: 1. Penetrating water insulating & durability enhancers
Product description: Penetrating self-polymerizing acrylic water soluble resin impregnated for enhancing the resistance of concrete to mechanical stresses and secondly for its waterproofing. Copolymer emulsion water-based.
Safety data: It contains no carcinogenic solvents, is water based. For more details, please read the Safety Data Sheet of the product.
Materials on which it is applied: Horizontal indoor concrete surfaces (e.g. industrial floors)
2. Data on the operation of the product
Which problems are solved   by the product and in which ways: The resin Betostal 2/14 is the first of the family of water insulating products Winwet. It was first applied in 1989 in a   trial on the terraces of a flats complex in Porto Rafti, Attica, in Greece. All other methods had failed with the result that the residents had to pay exorbitant amounts every year without being able to solve the problem of moisture, which was destroying ceilings and walls of their apartments. With a cost of 36,000 drachmas for the resin and with only one wage the problem was solved permanently since it has not reappeared. The workteams with tars and bituminous membranes asked that time 1,500,000 drachmas and the solution offered in any case was not going to last for so many years, as they themselves confessed.
Since then there have been many more applications of the product in terraces at amateur level, selflessly. In 2003, after it had been tested for 14 years and had been done the necessary improvements, Betostal 2/14 was first released commercially as the ideal solution for waterproofing roofs. In 2006, the WINWET product designers replaced it with the new improved product Betostal SLN, which gives even more waterproofness and flexibility to the concrete. Thus, the use of   Betostal 2/14 today has been limited to mainly indoor applications (e.g. industrial floors), where the aim is not so much waterproofing but the “bonding” of concrete and its protection against the effect of abrasion, scratches, cracks, cavitation, etc., while reducing dust released into the space.
Operating principle and way of action: Thanks to the penetrating potential of water in which it is dissolved and the special penetrators it is containing the resin enters at great depth into the pores and the capillary cracks of the concrete. Then, as the water evaporates, the resin dries. After that, as it comes in contact with the air starts the polymerization (“lamination”) of the resin. On the completion of the polymerization the water permeable pores and the capillary cracks are permanently sealed and the surface has acquired the desired consistency that prevents abrasion, cracking, chipping and creation of potholes due to mechanical damage (abrasion, shock, expansions and contractions, microseismic etc.). The invisible surface film that may be formed on the surface due to excess of material does not change the texture of the surface and does not make it slip.
Benefits: 1. As resistance reinforcement it protects horizontal concrete surfaces indoors from mechanical damage and from rising damp. It removes the effect of abrasion and corrosion of concrete due to aging. It also eliminates the amount of dust released during the grinding of concrete and thus relieves the air, surfaces and any equipment and goods as well as the lungs of the workers from their pollution by dust.
2. As water insulating resin it protects external horizontal concrete surfaces from moisture and achieves partial insulation against cold because it is not spent the large amount of heat usually spent for the evaporation of moisture that enters the concrete when it is not properly sealed.
Advantages over other methods: Compared with other coating methods that are equally effective and reliable, it is much more economical and easy to apply. Moreover, there is no case to peel, even with the rougher treatment because it creates no coating, it only impregnates (penetrates). It is also clear and walkable.
Comparison with other materials of WINWET family: It is more resistant to abrasion and shocks than Betostal SLN and therefore it is preferred for the protection of industrial floors and other surfaces with high mechanical stresses. Unlike Betostal SLN it is not recommended for use as an admixture because it doesn’t have so much flexibility and so the mud cracks during its drying.
Experiment control of the efficacy of the product: Text under construction.
Application fields: This space will be filled shortly with links that will lead into a separate document for each different product application field.
3. Application of the product
Necessary equipment for the application: For the application of the resin you must dispose:

  • what is indicated in the WINWET Application Equipment List
  • what is indicated in the text regarding the specific application field of the product
Surface preparation prior to application: The surface must be dry and well swept, so that its pores are open. If there are holes, cavities, fractures or cracks with opening larger than 1mm, they should be covered either with Armofix or with repairing cement containing Betoplex.
Protection of other surfaces: Because when it is dried on marble, tiles, metals, etc. surfaces, it is hardly cleaned protect such surfaces with nylon or newspapers.
If it will drip, wipe the surface thoroughly immediately with a damp cloth or paper before starting the polymerization of the resin.
Dilution: 1 part resin in 4  parts water. Caution: It  is important to observe the dilution instructions, so that the solution is watery and it is achieved good penetration into the pores.
Number of coatings: There are required two coatings or more, until saturation occurs. Then you will find out that the material will not penetrate anymore and will remain on the surface. Caution: Some areas of the surface may be more absorbent than others. In these areas you should continue to apply until and they are also saturated.
There is no need to dry out the first coating to apply the next.
Application method: 1. Cast: we pour the resin diluted little by little and spread it with a wide hard broom.
2. Spraying with a sprayer (the most relaxing way): is recommended the use of an electric sprayer with a barrel, as the manual backpack sprayer is very tiring for large areas. This method is not recommended for indoor areas without ventilation or areas with objects that should not be soiled. The sprayer must be thoroughly washed immediately after use, otherwise it is getting destroyed.
Required time for the application: The application of resin is very simple and quick:

  1. Cast, with a boomer: approximately 40 minutes for a surface of 100 m2
  2. With electric sprayer: approximately 20 minutes for a surface of 100 m2
  3. With backpack sprayer: approximately 60 minutes for a surface of 100 m2

(The times relate to the total work, not just one coating.)

Weather conditions during the application: They do not play any role, since the application is indoors. The cold and the humidity just a little slow the polymerization, without adversely affecting the quality of the result.
Lower polymerization   temperature: 12°C. (When the  temperature falls below 12°C the polymerization is temporarily suspended and restarted when the temperature rises again. However, if the temperature falls below 3οC before the polymerization is complete, the water begins to freeze and the same happens to the special penetrators containing the resin, thus losing coherence and waterproofness. Therefore, you should avoid the application of the resin when it is very cold.
When the resin is polymerized completely, the frost does not cause any damage.)
Drying time: Within a short time the resin is absorbed by the surface and within a few hours it dries up.
Completion time of   polymerization: 4 days or less. During the hot and dry days of summer the polymerization lasts approximately 24 hours.
If the surface becomes wet before the completion of resin polymerization: There is no problem. With another coating  the damage is completely restored.
Paintability after the application: The surface can be painted immediately after drying of the resin.
Paintability with paints admixture: It makes no sense to mix the resin with paint before application, because it is not coating and thus cannot paint the surface on which it will be applied.
Instructions for use: Click here to see in PDF format the label with the instructions for use which is affixed on the product.
(This page is under construction)
4. Resistance of the applied product
Resistance to expansions   and contractions, vibrations and earthquakes: Very good. The polymerized resin within the pores and the capillary cracks does not lose its shape nor is torn due to the movement and the internal frictions caused by such phenomena.
Resistance to shocks and frictions: Very good
Behavior in acid and alkaline environment: The polymerized resin is not attacked by the alkaline environment which create for example the aggregates nor by the acid environment caused by various chemical substances.
Resistance to temperature changes: Thanks to its elasticity the polymerized resin withstands sudden temperature changes.
Resistance to extreme temperatures: Excellent, even at high heat and freezing cold conditions as those that occur only in certain areas of Northern Greece as far as Greece is concerned.
Resistance to solar   ultraviolet radiation: Very good.
Resistance to constant   contact with water or moist   soil or other form of moisture: After its polymerization the resin is not dissolved in water, but if left in continuous contact with water or humidity for several weeks it is likely to begin to emulsify. In practice, however, this possibility does not exist, because in all outdoor applications and in most applications on the floors in the interior this resin is covered by Contraqua 7/50, which has even greater (practically unlimited) resistance in continuous contact with water.
Tolerance to positive pressure: High
Tolerance to negative pressure: Moderate, therefore it is not recommended for the waterproofing of foundations, basements, exterior surfaces of tanks and other surfaces on which water exerts a negative pressure. In these cases are used the more penetrative and  more waterproofing micromolecular resins Betostal SLN and Betostal F/18.
Lifetime: Unlimited. The polymerized resin does not lose its properties over time, firstly because the material does not age (is not dried nor decomposed) and has high elasticity (does not lose its shape nor is torn with expansions and contractions) and secondly because in the pores it is completely protected from mechanical damages.
Periodical preventive reapply: Reapply is not considered necessary for purpose of prevention.
5. Natural properties of the product
Product form before its application: Milky thin liquid
Product form after its application and polymerization: Single transparent, colorless, waterproof cohesive elastic mass diffused into all the pores and capillary cracks of the concrete
Elasticity: Good
Adhesiveness: Good
Adhesion – penetration: High
Coverage: Small and insignificant for the efficacy of the product
Air permeability and vapor permeability: Yes, however as Betostal 2/14, since the creation of Betostal SLN, is no longer used for waterproofing roofs, this positive feature of the product is unnecessary.
Filling capacity of cavities and cracks: All penetrating resins WINWET fill cracks and  pores of maximum width 1mm. For larger widths please see above: “Surface preparation prior to application”.
Solubility in water: Before applied and polymerized, the resin is dissolved in water.
Waterproofness: Very good
Hydrophocity and oleophobicity: No. In order to be achieved hydrophobicity and oleophobicity of the surface additionally to the waterproofness, is required a coating with Contraqua 7/50.
Walkability: The surface is walked safely from the first moment after the application. In the first few days the shoes may stick slightly over the surface, this however does not cause any damage to the resin.
Slipperiness: It causes no slipperiness, on the contrary it reduces the slipperiness of slippery surfaces.
Texture and appearance of the surface after the application: The surface remains slightly sticky until the polymerization is complete and for a few more days. Finally the texture becomes as it was before the application, a little darker and with a little more vivid colors, without glimmering.
6. Satisfied customers
Customer List: A list of satisfied customers with phone numbers and names of responsible persons, who are willing to convey you their positive experience with the product.
(This page is under construction).
Applications descriptions: Description of product applications at our customer sites, consisting of the following sections:
a. detailed description of the problem or problems that the customer faced
b. description of the solution or solutions we applied
c. ways in which the customer found out that the application was successful
Recommendation letters Recommendation letters of satisfied customers who by means of the product finally solved some problems for which they until then had not found any solution.
(This page is under construction)
Frequently asked questions and customer objections: Please click here to find answers on any questions, doubts and objections that are often raised by potential buyers of the product, together the valid responses received on various issues, the most important of which are:

  • ­the working principle of the product
  • ­its reliability and efficiency
  • ­its lifetime
  • ­health and safety during its use
  • application method
  • ­special circumstances which render doubtful the success of  the application
  • after sales service
7. Market information
Packaging, price,
For packaging, pricing and coverage, please click here.
Guarantee: For information regarding the guarantee of WINWET products, please click here

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