Penetrating water insulatings & resistance enhancers

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In this category are included water soluble penetrating acrylic resins BETOSTAL, which:

  1. seal and waterproof the pores and the capilary cracks of  surfaces of concrete or plaster,
  2. as they create countless “roots” inside the pores they give great consistency on the surface resulting in no rubbing, cracking, breaking due to vibrations,  microseismic and shocks,
  3. thanks to their elasticity they increase the resistance of the plaster and the  concrete in expansion and contraction
  4. they constitute an excellent primer for applying any kind of paint or the hydrophobic resin Contraqua 7/50 or the hydrophobic and oleophobic resin Stainblocker,
  5. they completely eliminate the need for application  of any coating material (asphalt membrane, elastomeric,      materials like bitumen, tar etc.), thus eliminating the usual problems of these materials that wear up and get destroyed by the time, the heat, the frost, the salinity and other factors.
  • Betostal SLN: Penetrating concrete waterproofing
    Waterproofing resin, protects horizontal concrete surfaces (terraces, floors  etc.) against moisture and mechanical damages. Acieves partial heat insulation against cold, because it preserves the terrace dry and thus eliminates evaporative cooling.
    It is also used as an additive in construction.
  • Betostal  2/14: The cohesive and reinforcing resin
    Waterproofing resin of increased resistance to mechanical stresses, which is used for the protection of concrete floors against griding, because it is harder and less elastic than Betostal SLN resin.
  • Betostal F/18: The penetrating  waterproofing primer
    Waterproofing resin, particularly micromolecular, suitable for  waterproofing and protection against mechanical damages on vertical concrete or plaster surfaces and ideal water based primer for perfect      bonding of the paint. In conjunction with Smaltofix it gives a definitive solution  to the problem of rising damp to floors and walls of ground floors and basements.

Note: For waterproofing and heat insulation of terraces and walls please see the page Heat Insulation.

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