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Innovative liquid admixture acrylic based designed for water based plastic paints that gives to the paint elasticity and higher adhesion on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, etc., without the risk of cracking or flaking later.

Also, the same material is used as an admixture in cement mortars, repair concrete, tile adhesive, jointing mud and other applications, like BETOPLEX, for even higher elasticity.


Many times we see the ugly peeling of the paint in some areas, even in freshly painted buildings. A typical example is the visible pipes of heating, which for the sake of uniformity are painted with plastic paint. The paint, because of the heat and because of the smooth surface on which it is applied does not resist and soon peels. In such cases, the solution is the innovative admixture product ACRYPLEX, which is added in small proportion in the paint and gives such adhesive properties in order to “bend” perfectly with smooth surfaces such as copper pipes, iron pipes, aluminum, glass etc.

We recommend the use of ACRYPLEX in every case of use of plastic paint, not just when it is applied to smooth surfaces, because it adds resistance and durability without significantly raising the cost. Additionally, we recommend COVERLACK 935 of the series WINWET as one of the top quality paints in the market.

Product Description

Processing and regulating factor of acrylic resins that compose each building plastic color.


ACRYPLEX can transform any plastic paint in green pencils, in iron paint of radiators so as not to smell, in membranes paint of plastic polyethylene or polypropylene sheets that shade the greenhouses. Yet it is also possible the painting onto aluminum or galvanized steel sheet, if previously is used primer FERACRYL.

It is also ideal for the construction of self-leveling cement mortar as well as for other applications with cement-based mixtures.

Mixing ratio

The amount of addition of ACRYPLEX in paint depends on the type of surface that we want to paint. Different adhesion and durability e.g. we want to have the paint on metal or glass. Even plays a role also the quality of wood or metal (other adhesion to copper and other in brass). Therefore prior to use it is needed to make a test. However, in no case the amount of ACRYPLEX should exceed 10% of the paint.

For its application as an additive in cement-based mixtures, please see the mixing ratios of BETOPLEX. ACRYPLEX is a more expensive material, but can be used in smaller ratios, because it is more dense in texture. Moreover, it is also more elastic.

Ecological solution

Since 2009 there have been removed by order of the European Union, for ecological reasons, some solvents, which were widely used in oil paints and duco paints as well as in epoxy paints. This removal left a technical gap in the market, because these non-eco-friendly materials gave strong adhesion on smooth surfaces. ACRYPLEX came to fill this gap.

Integrated solution for builders and garages

With ACRYPLEX you achieve the most economical and simplest method, so with one only paint (COVERLACK 935) you can paint almost anything on a building.

Price, Packaging, Coverage

See the pricelist of Winwet products.

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