Waterproof acrylic resin of high elasticity designed
especially for the manufacture of “hydraulic cement adhesive”.
It is the ideal solution for filling cracks
resulted from land or floor subsidence.

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POLIBOND ELASTICO is a tetpolymer acrylic resin of high elasticity specifically designed for the manufacture of “hydraulic cement adhesive”.

Compared to BETOPLEX it has higher elasticity and higher resistance, however it is also a more expensive material and its consumption is higher, since it is used with almost no dilution in water. Therefore, it is appropriate for special occasions where BETOPLEX could not provide a definitive and absolute solution.

The resin is added as it is in tile adhesive or plain cement under stirring until the formation of a uniform viscous mass with high workability, even in high temperature conditions. Depending on the viscosity of which we have provided we can apply it as putty with a spatula or like a paste with the finger or as a binder thick paste.

The application concerns usually the closing of large gaps between surfaces of the same or different construction materials, such as marble, stones, or marble with concrete, or stone with concrete, flooring with skirting etc.

The adherence based on POLIBOND ELASTICO acquires an impressive binding power, while being waterproof and elastic.

It is highly recommended to seal perimeter cracks on buildings due to subsidence (provided that the subsidence is stabilized). In case of further land or floor subsidence it is required re-repair with POLIBOND ELASTICO.

In case that the gaps we fill with POLIBOND ELASTICO are large, 48 hours after application we inspect the possible creation of micro-cracks due to a shift of the “cement adhesive” because of gravity. These micro-cracks are sealed with ARMOFIX.

Generally, in extensive applications is recommended the final coating with a layer of ARMOFIX, which can be also painted for aesthetic reasons.

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